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Visualizing U.S. Debt

Lifes Little Mysteries Visualizing U.S. Debt .. What the $14 Trillion National Debt Looks Like The National Debt, which climbed over $14 trillion in January is expected to continue to soar. A look at the mind-boggling number: National Debt: $14 trillion The stacks of $1 bills covering over U.S. Snapshot Population: 310,579,291 three football fields would reach over a height of 3,323 ft. (1,013m) Families: 81,546,105 Taxpayers: 110,580,919 Retirees & SSI: 64,615,424 Unemployed: 15,439,775 Bankruptcies: 1,615,998 Foreclosures: 1,058,773 NOTE: Figures as Jan. 2011 Empire State Building HEIGHT: 1,454 ft. (443.2m) - Federal Deficit: $1.34 trillion WHAT $14 TRILLION CAN BUY: 23.1 billion Shares of 62 million 35 million 16.5 billion Harvard Rolls Royce Ipads Google Stock Education Phantoms and the Deficit ... What the $1 Trillion 2010 Deficit Looks Like The federal deficit has surpassed $1 trillion for the second year in a row. The Congressional Budget Office announced a $1.29 trillion deficit for the fiscal year. Here's what a $1 trillion looks like: $1 million (in $100 bills) $1 trillion I (168 container trucks) $1 billion SOURCES: CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE, www.USDEBTCLOCK.ORG, CNBC.COM, TIME.COM ROSS TORO,

Visualizing U.S. Debt

shared by amie on Mar 25
This infographic displays what the $14 trillion dollar national debt looks like and what the $1 trillion 2010 debt looks like.


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