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Valentine's Day Spending: Power Of Love and Money

Valentine's Day THE POWER OF LOUE & MONEY Consumers will be digging deeper into their pockets to buy flowers, gifts, cards and chocolates on Valentine's Day with an average spending expected to rise eight percent over last year to nearly $200. Men Follow me Women Cat up! Along with 53% Follow me of men who Did you know choose this ***....** 27% of women buy flowers & 15% of those are for themselves. ........." How about a kiss? dis up to you 21% of women Yes No consider themselves to be practical gifters. ..................* NOT SURE N Yes Flowers? WHAT TO GIV E YOUR VALENTINE? Good Choice You are the majority. 62% of women evening out? buy cards for this day. Good Choice Yes Believe it How about a greeting card? There must be a or not, only 26% of women buy candies. reason why 73% of men buy ****........* flowers. Yes Nice NG Yes evening out? Flowers? You are part of the minority. Only 45% of men buy cards. *****.. ****.. Enjoy il! Candies? Candies? Yes No ..... Along with 42% of the population. ..... Only How about a greeting card? 18% of men buy Qyes No candies. You are part of the exception. ***..... ****.....* SPENDING AVERAGE PER PERSON The Economy seems to have no impact on Valentine's Day spending for many consumers. U.S. men spend nearly twice as much on the holiday than U.S. women. $128 $182 $16 $68 2008 2009 2010 2011 FOR GIFTS $141- "Love is the greatest refreshment in life." Million PABLO PICASSO CARDS $1.7- Billion FLOWERS $1,811 CANDY $3.5 Billion JEWELRY PER STATE 01 06 02 05 03 88 89 18 04 07 TOP 10 CITIES WHERE PEOPLE SPENT THE MOST ON VALENTINE'S 01 Virginia Beach, Virginia 02 Norfolk, Virginia 06 Reno, Nevada 07 Hialeah, Florida 08 Lexington, Kentucky 09 Winston Salem, North Carolina 03 Chesapeake, Virginia 04 Anaheim, California 05 Santa Ana, California 10 Colorado Springs, Colorado STATISTICS If you and your lover enjoy fine 24 of candy per capita were consumed by Champagne, that will cost you between $120-240, If americans in 2009. 53% you're on a budget, it will set you back $25-30 POUNDS depending on vintage. of women in america would dump their boyfriends if they did not get them anything for Valentines Day Consumers will shell out the most on their partners, with the average person planning to spend $74.12 on their spouse or significant other, up from $68.98 last year, according to the 2012 Forbes survey. In addition, they will spend an average of $25.25 on their children, parents, or other family members, up more than 11% from $22.68 last year. Pet owners will spend about $4.52 on their pets. SOURCES fo/story?id=6867472&page=D1#. TxulqyObs =News&op=viewlive&sp_id H&R BLOCK Vo day-spending-2011-2#3 NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS" /funny/valentines_day/ entines-Day ?ref=7309&pid=433 us-valentinesday-spending-idUSTRE8101 ion-3423 KD20120201 ws/2011/02/110214-valentines-day-gift s-cards-history-facts/ co/2012/02/02/valentines-day-spending-to- exceed-17-million/ Created by f ****.....**

Valentine's Day Spending: Power Of Love and Money

shared by obizmedia on Feb 07
This infographic breaks down the dollars behind Valentine’s Day romance: how much are people spending on flowers, candy, greeting cards and sparkly baubles? What should you buy for your Valentine th...


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