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USA Imports and Industries

United States of America IMPORTS & INDUSTRIES USA is the world's largest trading nation and the world's leading importer. Top Imported Goods Percentage Consumer Goods Capital Goods Industrial Supplies Agricultural Products Passenger cara, medical equipment, medicine, clothing. household goods Telecommunications equipment, computers, petroleums, coal and video equipment, vehicle parts Fertilizers and pesticides, food oils, animal feed and food graina, food additivee, fibers Crude oil and other other fuels, chemicala, steelmaking materiala 30.4% 31.8% 4.9% 32.9% Total Imported Goods US dollars 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 $1,732,706 $1,918,077 $2,020,403 $2,169,487 $1,605,296 Major Industries 2010 petroleum steel aerospace telecommunications chemicals electronics food processing consumer goods lumber mining Emerging Industries Alternative fuel Photovoltaics Biodiesel, compressed natural gas, liquified petroleum gas, Technology that directly converts the sun's light into energy through solar celle or semiconductora liquified natural gas, ethanol Digital Media Photonics Mobile, video, tablet computers, e-readers, digital TV, Internet TV, advertieing, aocial media Telecommunications, fiber optics, lasers, medical imaging, acanning. LED, weather equipment Life Sciences Biochemistry, biophyaica, plant sciences, food aciences, health sciencea, medicine, zoology bluefishconsulting SOURCES:,, © 2011 Bluefish Consulting Ltd.

USA Imports and Industries

shared by Robert on Jul 18
This infographic shows America's top imported goods, the current major industries and the emerging industries.


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