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US Gas Epidemic

) Gas Epidemic! Here's what would happen if we RAN OUT OF GAS in the US. The Effects Day 1-30 Gas Rationing In the initial stage of a shortage, large cities with high fuel consumption rates are the first to run out of fuel. Public Transportation Stoppage oss of fuel stores result in the discontinuation of public transportation; initial stoppage centers in Connecticut. Airlines are grounded in main cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Charlotte. Work shortages Airline Stoppage also begin in major cities in Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, lowa and Alabama. Work Shortage Inefficient but heavily trafficked airports are forced to close their doors first. bmibab The bottom line for businesses in more rural states is deeply affected by overwhelming transportation costs. Public transits are quickly discontinued in areas with poorly organized systems. The Effects Day 31-90 Gas Rationing In the second stage, inflation caused by soaring gas prices begins to catch up with businesses. Public Transportation Stoppage s more and more cities and states begin ratio- Aning their supplies of gasoline, transportation Airline Stoppage costs are elevated to unaffordable rates for most people and many businesses as well. Food is in short supply because of the economic strain placed on the Work Shortage transportation of goods from production to the con- sumer. Price Inflation Price inflation hits hardest in areas already without sufficient gas to transport goods. Food Shortage Food shortages are most dire in the southern states where both obesity and gasoline consumption are high. The Effects Day 91-18o In the third stage of a gas shortage, an infectious feeling of chaos begins sett- ling over most major cities. Gas Rationing Indicates Complete Gas Depletion ithout access to food, work, public trans- W portation and many other necessities, the Public Transportation Stoppage general public becomes restless and in many cases disintegrates into lawlessness, as people must fend for themselves. Looting, rioting and other social upri- sings spread like wildfire, while too few police and Airline Stoppage national guard resources are available to maintain the peace. Work Shortage Price Inflation Large cities with dangerous reputa- tions are the first to dissolve into complete and utter chaos. Food Shortage Complete Chaos Fast food joints and superstores like Walmart fold under the pressure of shipping logistics. Store Closings The Effects Day 181-365 Gas Rationing By this point, the entire country is vir- tually without fuel. Any initial gas re- serves are close to being exhausted. 7 irtually all travel by means of gasoline is halted indefinitely. Businesses of all sizes are crippled by their inability to transfer goods, mail, employees etc. Although a few corporations in major cities are still accessible, the fuel-based economic system is beyond saving and it is only a matter of time before Indicates Complete Gas Depletion Public Transportation Stoppage Airline Stoppage the entire economy collapses on itself. Work Shortage Although paper currency no longer holds any signifi- cant value, some rural inhabitants manage to esta- blish communities and survive by foraging, hunting and trading for their needs. However growing con- Price Inflation cerns of starvation, looting and violence force more Food Shortage and more city dwellers into these remaining peaceful pockets and threaten to destroy any remaining stability in the entire nation. Complete Chaos Store Closings Brought to you by: *:

US Gas Epidemic

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Oil, said to be the "black gold" of the world. Throughout decades our consumption, in the US, has increased at an alarming rate. What would happen if that came to an abrupt halt? We've put together a ...


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