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Upstream Impact: Building A Way Out of Poverty

UPSTREAM IMPACT Building A Way Out of Poverty 16,011 80216 Globeville Elyria Swansea NE Denver individuals live in poverty. Northeast Park Hill Cole Clayton For a family of 3, being in poverty means making less than $1,649 per month. 80205 80207 Five Points Whittier Skyland North Park Hill In 2012, 19 families began a journey that changed their future. They were Теат Leader Ally empowered to act as Team Leaders, who take the lead in their path toward sufficiency. Upstream Impact bridged social capital by pairing every TEAM LEADER with a middle-to-upper class ALLY. On average, Allies invested 250 hours/yr (a total of 13,000 hours) towards making a real impact in the Team Leaders' lives. Team Leaders committed to rigorous engagement-including reporting on every dollar they earned and spent. IMPROVEMENT METRICS $1,800 1818% April 2014 $1,712.49 On average, the Level 1 Team Leader's monthly employment income increased from $186.50 to $1,712.49. $1,200 $900 $600 $300 October 2012 $186.50 $0 18 months That's enough pay increase for a family to pay their bills, retain their housing and save for the future. Compared to a similar program.. In 18 months Team Leaders increased their income by 173% on average. 1173% $2,500 $2,000 After 127% 18 $1,500 Months $1,000 After 18 Initial Mont hs $500 Initial $0 Circles Upstream Impact National $10k October 2012 $6,467 Dependence on government benefits decreased by 71%. $8k - $6k $4k - April 2014 $1,859 71% $2k - $0k 18 months In 2012, 6 out of 19 Team Leaders were employed. 2014, 16 out of 19 Team Leaders retained a job for month イイ オイ オオオオ イイ オオオ イイ オオオ * %24 2$ %$4 %24 %24 %24 SROI 24 For every %24 %$4 %$4 1 dollar %24 invested. 24 24 %2$ %24 %2$ Our pilot program achieved a Social 24 Return on Investment $2.1 $0.7 $6.7 $7 that almost matches to that of the GI Bill, one of the highest SORI projects in U.S. history. $6.1 return by Direct Cash Assistance return by return by GI Bill return range by Upstream Împact Similar Programs This means our Team Leaders will realize a projected $1,360,000 in reduced government benefits and additional tax revenue. No significant change without a significant relationship. We believe the best about the people we work with. We believe in primarily looking at the assets of a person and community as opposed to the deficits. We believe in discovering, strengthening, and unleashing the abilities, talents, and strengths of people. UPSTREAMIMPACT Building A Way Out of Poverty LEARN MORE AT: 1. The 2014 American Community Survey reports that there are 2,188 families and 16,011 individuals living in poverty in NE Denver. American Community Survey, 2014, 2. 3. 13 out of 19 Team Leaders started in Level 1. Level l is for individuals whose total monthly household income is 100% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines. 4. 5. It may be helpful to consider SROIS of or reported by other programs to provide some perspective on Upstream Impact's SROI. The SROI of direct cash assistance is roughly 0.70:1, accounting for administrative costs of distributing the benefit. Very good programs aimed at similar populations report SROIS of between 2:1 and 6:1. Such reports are available online, primarily from Canadian organizations, where SROI reporting is more prevalent. SROIS prepared by organizations other than SMI may not be comparable. For instance, some evaluation firms do not reduce the value of benefits by tallying only those reasonably attributable to the evaluated program, rather than the beneficiaries themselves, other programs, etc. The U.S. GI Bill, considered to be one of the highest SROI large government-funded projects in U.S. history, has a reported SROI of 7:1. "Veterans' Education Programs Issues and Legislative Agenda." National Association of Veterans' Program Administration. 2010. Avail. at

Upstream Impact: Building A Way Out of Poverty

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In 2012, 19 families began a journey that changed their future. They were empowered to act as Team Leaders, who take the lead in their path toward sufficiency.


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