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Unemployment is Georgians' #1 problem

UNEMPLOYMENT IS GEORGIANS' #1 PROBLEM ACCORDING TO THE 2012 47% - Unemployment CAUCASUS BAROMETER, 11% - Poverty GEORGIANS THINK THE | 9% - Unaffordability of healthcare MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE FACING THE COUNTRY IS: 7% - Unsolved territorial conflicts ACCORDING TO THE NATIONAL STATISTICS OFFICE OF GEORGIA, GEORGIAN LABOR FORCE CONSISTS OF 2,029,100 PEOPLE WHICH IS EQUIVALENT TO 45% OF THE TOTAL POPULATION. 1. Lived outside the household for more than 12 months: 2. Lived at a military i base: 3. ECONOMICALLY ACTIVE PEOPLE (LABOR FORCE) A person at the age of 15 or above who works or offers his/her labor Resided in prisons, psychiatric clinics, retirement homes, and other types of specialized institutions. ECONOMICALLY INACTIVE POPULATION OF GEORGIA PEOPLE POPULATION A person at the age of 15 or above who is not Tooking for a job, or is looking for a job, but is not prepared to start the work within the next 2 weeks time BELOW 15 4,497,600 2,029,100 (2012) 45% 761,100 OTHER 17% 1,005,200 700,000 16% 22% ECONOMICALLY ACTIVE PEOPLE (2,029,100) 15% ACCORDING TO THE NATIONAL STATISTICS OFFICE OF GEORGIA THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IN GEORGIA IS: UP TO 40% ACCORDING TO THE ECONOMISTS' ESTIMATIONS UP TO 60% ACCORDING TO THE PRIME MINISTER IVANISHVILI'S ESTIMATION You are considered to be employed even if you are: Picking grapes Picking mushrooms Fishing Helping another family member at the store for just one hour a week UNEMLOYED 15% HOW MUCH DID HIRED PEOPLE EARN PER MONTH IN 2012? 10,000-100,000 1.22% EMPLOYED 85% 5,000-10,000 3.51% >100,000 0.01% 2,000-5,000 A person who is 15 years old or older who worked at least 1 hour during the last 7 days to earn income [salary, profit, Every second economically active or other compensation in kind] or helped person in Georgia is self-employed, meaning they rely on themselves and have an unstable 0-500 12.99% 1,500-2,000 other household members for free. 38.81% 7.04% HIRED SELF-EMPLOYED 12.68% 33% 52% 1,000-1,500 23.73% income. Most people earn less than 500 Lari per month [almost 40%). 500-1.000 THE NATIONAL STATISTICS REVENUE SERVICE OFFICE OF GEORGIA WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK? ACCORDING TO NDI'S SEPTEMBER 2013 SURVEY, GEORGIANS THINK THEIR JOBS SITUATION COMPATRED TO 2012 IS: POLITICIANS IN GEORGIA TALK ABOUT JOBS: Same 69% Worse 20% Right 41% Too little 48% 5% Don't Know Too much 9% Don't Know 6% 2% Better 89% of Georgians think that the situation about jobs in Georgia is the same or worse compared to 2012. 48% think that politicians talk too little about this issue. Sources: Caucasus Barometer 2012 NDI, Public attitudes in Georgia 2013 Revenue Service Data 2013 The National Statistics Office of Georgia Rustavi 2, Business Courier JumpStart

Unemployment is Georgians' #1 problem

shared by jsgeorgia on Nov 05
According to the Caucasus Barometer 2012, most Georgians consider unemployment to be the #1 problem facing the country. Economists and public officials do not agree with the National Statistics Office...


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