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Understanding The US Economy

EVERY ECONOMIC POSITIVE IN MODERN AMERICA CAME FROM THREE CONSERVATIVE BREAKTHROUGHS Temporary Pull backs in Expanding US Government Government Expansion Booms - 5 years or more Of 3%+ GDP Growth Blah-occasional 3% GDP growth* Bust - 5 years or more under 3%* "Our primary Huge income tax cut "Paycheck" challenge is not Spending control +$,11,782 how to divide the Median income economic pie, but how to enlarge it!" "Paycheck" -$690 Median income Huge income tax cut Huge regulation cuts Spending control "Government isn't "Paycheck" +$5,922 the solution to Median income our problems. It is the problem!" "Paycheck" -$2,559 Median income "Paycheck "The Era of Big Welfare reform +$6,864 Median income Government is Spending control over!" Federal workforce cut GOP Capital gains tax cut (+ small income tax increase) CONGRESS "Paycheck" -$1,095 Median income Beginning under GW Bush, and then greatly accelerating under Barack Obama, " the era of big government" is back in an unprecedented way. "Paycheck" -$3,792 Median income And the last 7 years have seen the longest period of economic stagnation in US history! * Two year trailing average of GDP (allows for slight lag in income response) Median income in constant 2012 dollars 7 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82

Understanding The US Economy

shared by BenjaminJPenn on Feb 17
The infographic shows seven economic periods in the last sixty years of US history. Only three of these periods have resulted in increased median income for citizens - all related to conservative bre...



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