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The Ultimate Guide to Hypermiling

The ULTIMATE GUIDE to HYPERMILING --- Vehicle Selection The best vehicle you con buy is 9 times more efficient than the worst vehicle. 1 GETTING STARTED Aport from this the remoining roctors which a driver con control con contribute in totol to obout o 45% reduction in fuel economy Atend a driving clinic Hybrid ouners neeings are being held around the Larld - cnd non-hubridauners conattend. fuel ettciant DIMng lachriS orE cocnly discussed Fuel Additives Fuel additives inorove the conbustion inthe angine by ceing ofner fuel nist Engine Tune Up Aune upen incene fuel efticienoy by betaeen 4ond 40% .... Cheper Petrel Shop oround for the thepist place te bu petiotiesel. Use correct engine Oll Using the urorgailcan kuer nileoge by 1-2%. Aluminum uheels Rluminum uheelsare Ighber than corwantionel - Reploce air fiter Cloggedole titerS estrkts Ihe or foaing intp the engine. Reploce your oir er and add up to 10% nore fud eticiency Use fuel etficient tues They ore bulit to une ls *...... • Use a fuel consumption display Drive less The best uoy reduce fueluuis ta drive e Live deser a uork bị Corpool OBkycle Remave unused roef racks Dping soul reduce oorodunonic drog Tony drtes camue : "E at 15 ess fuel by octing on the feedbock that fuel-conunen hpk provide Trock your fuel consumption Get in he heb of uving allyour fuel receipts. recording dissance broveled and fuel e Take public anik Pork and ride I por of your conce is net bler hrieda trouel in o poine that is ondun tee the rest br the udy .... ecanaryP. Conpare the ronuforturers recardediTPG erd those Cleon junk from your trunk Ane 100 bs 45kgs ina vehide con educe recorded by TueTPG con Use a bleck heater Peuayour engine withan elecoic block heater. About 2 hours is the tine needed ........... fuel aconomuby s te 2 Avoid touing Cany kods in the wehide I pinule. Trotet iung deivers the triple ahonny of increesed ..... Minimize ocessory loads eighe, higher serodynonic drog end anather set a tyrs for ggu hoe ba cory ......... Itens outside the Nirivige use of ekoricol pndinechenicaloccessoru loach un sofe andor practicel Check ture inllotion regularly .......... vehicle. Moke vure that your tue pre reet temanutacturer soctatipes The higher the pressune, the kss olling esistance. Renenber cat pressure is efeced by ontient tenperoture. As cemperature drops, sa does your tye pressune, so keep trock an the seesam change nore roling resistonce Cany them on the beck of he vehide intaed of on the pot 2 ROUTE SELECTION - AND - TRIP TIMING Take advontege ol the wind Time trps to toke Crossuind barier The "corridor effect Incessind conditions. choosing oroute utha bavier ees or bunos eevaage af srong bol- glone the edeusn hael compaed ba e reed in co sDag heoduinds Che open. Thacs onlg its ronuaird This ul save indy Alese being couol tovekng otocoeson speed on a Ieeuryuthin a fcu o tratic ismane eticlent than going he same spood in isolatian. The sosen s cesadungric o ou of troftc geneotes e locolsed uind camert in ihe dection of tzvel. Note your transitien points ryou negulariy bowe the sone oods. note the gaints giore te wu uhere tasions ve Linds fiveid setlingout ham that ndno Leove early and den't rush fuel corpered to oroodin the open Lane of least resistance h nslone trotk.choose the lone o kos Leve for your destinotian eariy se you dant feal pressure so oive foscor pnd benke inter resistonce" te cusie unnecessery ond unpedictoble braingichorges inspeed. Thria are namally the bres uith less enoic ding soeodi. Teke the roed less trovelled uith less eicdited Asoreuhor ionget kghtytroveledroucenay rest In lauer cunli onot af hueluudthan the tharter busir route Different read bype Fuel econony caters bu rocd bpe. The owege fuel conony e highuous uin o posted speed of Sorph0kato or more is obout butter iton an pthet Time your petrol station trips Refuel your cor during of-peek ti Different rood prohile Rvaid staps ot bottem Choose smsoth read A fict route to the sone dessinetion yelds 15-20% Rvoid roods uith sops ot better fuel ecnorythan Use a toll poss (or similor) if you commute on tolI rosds/bridges Aveid bed weather Sneuskoin con Incease relineresistonce Rvaid drive-thrus of hills surfaces They lead to ecessive ng end nornoliyo orger route croond o Dulding uhenyou could ohily oue These ofer reduced This ovaios the sviou doun, idng and rrcelers- tion bock up Ie spead the heltamof hsatheu sng teron. force you to stop ond OSe enengu parkadis the car pak roods 3 SUBURBAN DRIVING Rggressivity of driving In ptest pertarmed bu Edmunds 2005) moderae diving ulded pnov, BN bettei nioge thon oppressive driving Speecing broking and vapie celerotion conuate huel ene louer niles per gellan by 33% on notoruo ond SMinctyories e Accelerotion The harder you Dcelerose the nore fuel you ome ecelerote gentiu Combining erronds: de Trottie light timing - stole 'green, no This enues the vehice is pedestrian signal In the atnence of any posie before subjecting other indicoen obout hou se thelight is aunt your arooh Troftic ight timing "stale' green Uhenappreeching green ight you con uooch the pedestrien signel trsing ight to help determine uhenit uil tnanber. Trottic light timing red lights with Conserve momentum: Conserve mementum: Combine errands Combinion prmrds: do Trnttic light timing- stop sign 'stop ond toke o shortcut Fyou hove utipke stees the longest leg irst Somatines optiorn esht de then ol on the sane trip. Alanger thaire aveat the stoo sign es porkinglets, side streets and u resul sensars Do go thiough cormer uomed upasmuchos Whenapproething ered ight slou doaneaty f Tine your epproach, to the los cor aheodis departing or allyyi toget in beer fuel econony oroundhoving cone to then multple st onn. it tomultiple stots ond there's e cor in ront of uou that cun brig the speed cocondingiy to ovoid sensor soyou ncynor atonbroke utuation hove to came toa thee atep hove to come toa sheuldthe ge honge complete sta Constont throttle pasition cruising 4 HIGHWAY DRIVING Lights on for safety: ighes off for mPG Reduce speed Cruise contrel- uhen to use it "Drive without Cruise control uhen not to use it brakes" (Due) Tininim ue of the be ireases esponenticla podl Ecch tine yau press uth speed so educe it youre eftectivel comwrting tuelinta beae achos procicel and dust ond hoo Reradynamit drag Close the sunroof at Depencingon the veticie. Douer denonds of the Orce up to speed picke chrotie pasioon ornd sing cruse conorol an the Ong Lse cruise canorol ce tighuoy helps ye rentain n camtent speed end in nost coses Lil sove huel K's estinoted that uing cruise certral ingroves meoge at highan speech by about higher speeds Some saoof ules ore Windous uo Sa 10ods, It is nor highucy ouing paad as hoidk ghting upiemrurgs fron ofeu oItS o Luli over 100 uetts, elef aticient on hs Drive uth uicican unot hghei sooodi tomirin beter tham ehers The oroduronic drop sale uerst afendersav the kind hicht ood side n utichisutinoalu the eutside on top of the 9uered by fuel roof 5 BRAKING TIPS 1) coosing in neverol. engine of de olo e so) 2) coosoing in neutrol engine iding The most efmicleat woy to slou down uhen you Thove is sibu egenerative caosuing rid vehides) doun here's en e 15se 4) egenerotive broking utrid whices apreainate heachy et Scooing in decekraion udl cut o node n gest obove e cortoin ergine RPI 61 convestionel itian king hon tubrider hubrio Hybrids: minimize tegen braking methods, ron besto Regenaative brkirgin hybrid vehides is e elticient thon brokinguith canventianal fhition botes ut bregting uorst. Conserve momentum: Brake hard hordly ever is becer stll ---- 6 ADVANCED TECHNIQUES Engine off ceasting Conserve momentum: brake hord HIlIl bactic: don't woste EDC con be acconglshed in nanarid cors by shiting Fyou ane laceduthon obstrde in tront af you ond you patentiol energu r leian aueal s0on as the engine stoos, reoum the key o the "Ru Uhan fecing staphtert siouacion ot the boon of ta rastra and siching the bay fran Tar le kr. f bsaka quie hard initialu yau can pabantiay scrub enough soced and buy enoughoire to caast he naining dinKe to the stop ot a o speed Hopefuly by tho tine the tatic uil ha mowed on. paien Drive with laod (DWL) L step neor the top halu ugua lantd to ful spced. Dot ond tine your releese to noke tUroughan gan jihe knoun os rert besking esion to leam eE refre your skis nd tru Drive shoeless AKA "arget diving. Moke fuel economy a gomelkchatenge Use the racing line Drive in your socks ar bare Choose e terger at feet so you con judge the acreleroter to the tnest digre. fuel consmpion ond eroure you dont fol belou k Conoecing ogeirat yoursel or others) to get che best possile tuel ecenory cen douenders for increcsing natdion to leam more retre your skits, and try horder The rocing line is the pah though e turmuiththe krgest pa ble mrs. it nay pernika higher speed Lih nore confart jess body rol ond o fercesi and kss tire sonb This con belpto presere monentun Push It - 1 Push It 2 Driving in neutral Pulse and glide (PEG) Puke ond gide uarks be ths t's sa ee onaad Heavy troffic plaoy the occordion Il you anly hae to nave your cor o very short distonce eg ouko the garoge - comidir rollingit Faaue uating at on un Ta insa n de ehud Phe andgide uetei be ths ke's sag youYE ona oad incine give your Cero shove to get trollirg os far es posible bulare sorting the engine nust te consunod. Lftino uhereuou ont to go 37ngh 150kphi hstend of of the thotle rether than putting it in resta. neors youul use no tuelat all driving aiong ot a uredy orph 7ph you irntead eccekrate la 43reh (S0gh ther's the putie. and then coost in nevrol uin the engine af doun to Sorch IBOkshl thar's the ade, Thi sma eent than Civing aleng ota szeccy 37ch00oh P laceduthuarst-cose spciaur eroftic ondsions, leove s nuch space ohied of yau es posble ond caialyacoror hat spoe la leeo your vehide noving neer o constont speed uhie the cors in front of URU Snp i t. 7 PARKING - AND - DEPARTING .- Multiple vehicles: choose the most efficient one in the 'fleet Start up: wait for the Porking toctics: epportunity to nove Parking tectks: orbit to bleed nonentum Parking bactics: avold parollel parking pull-through spat g 目 Don't stas the engne undlhere's couoliy on oportunky la vort diaing. Driea into a"pullthrough fyound you hove too For on sreet paking the better spot s oreuth sooC 1aher than ospot thet reguires everse Inaed nonouvina Tuch ronentun che nching your arefered porking scot.caetinue erugh roon is p invout Parking tectics: pick the periphery Whea chonolog rother thon mutiple cpasting tuther dounthe reveedaraged direction, use brakes rather than engine Uhen going from rese ul te nore etkient thon toaforuand ge or vie verso. don't use the engine o stopthe SEwes you divino oround vehide ofter the gor change se he beake. Choosing a spot in the periphay al a busg kt no Dr "orbitingespat manowing laarel Parking tecticS! reverse in If you hove no pi-though ypois ie choese fron revose in uhen erving instead of Stort up: not until ryou con foito a scop porking In position uhout you're odjusted ........ Douching the bas novignting the rean of Don't stort the wchide unti unue sested it se seotbelt &miors ousted multiple vehicles: choose the one thot's uwarmed up andaround for a paring spece diing in 8 TRANSMISSION TIPS AUTOMATIC transmission neutral when stapped Shit autamatie tamnisiers la retrnluhen vppd Reaining in dive weses fuel as the engine coninees to try to creep the car farerd uhile being held bock by Highest gearllouest RPM for posted speed MANUAL transmission Drive the speed that clous the lae RP fer the speed zone you ore in Manual transmission cruise in high gear the brokn. Torque converter (TC) lockup Get up to speed quicis Drive ot the speed thet olicus the TC (torue converter) so kock u This is afen aound 4-72kph and meintrin your speed ove up o gar before 2500rom ine petral cor and 2 000rpmin odieul Use economy mode Fyour cutomatik tranumiian has a "pouerieconomy buti. leaveit i econony moce. This usuoly results in ecrler upshifes ond leter deurshhs, soving fvel Use OD (averdrive) Funr iuriicobo.on 00 joverdrive button er pasibon, leave it erceged tp ersate the tronsmion Lelshit into iks highest geor os seon cs pessible Upshift ceaxing Sene duonaE fomnissions con be cocoed to upshift soaner atanaccelerating by briefly neleaing sorne throetie pressure then ne oppling 10 continue CEcelernting KEY OFF, THEN PARK 9 WINTER WEATHER Rveid heater use until the engine has reached Winter: oveid whee Avsid 'worm up' idling operoting temperoture spin en ice/sneu An iding engine gees zeo niles per gailan Huing the heoner blouer before thet hes heppened Lil slightlyinerecse onupire ond inoeose tuel orumption you dive in kersnou ad uhnelpin uhen taction is lou. Chonging winter use hested to dediceted snouice tres that ofter better parking Winter: clean eff snow ice kullmininike your use of energu hungryoccessories ISelrossers rerove on oerodunenic penly inerecned frantal oreet ord reduce eighe. DCtion nou seve fuel Thi ull iaovefut econony Fallaw the leader In nter porking deen rain or snow hepes nor sre out the goroge rother han engine Woit for the snow plew Driving through fresh snou incieases oling resistonce noderetelyto donaicolly depencing an the depthtgpe of so U fer the plogi o for athi vehides o pack the snou doun Orive in the tyre orods of the vehiclein hont to The foster orn up u reduce rolingresisance. eturn better fuel econony 10 SUMMER WEATHER Trip timing: avoid the hottest times of day to reduce A/C use Dress lightlu Lighoer cloches uil neonyou con nn the RC kess minimize air conditioning use Using the oir condkiane con nedue nileoge by 52S Tinted windouus Bock sone heat keeping yee coole Sunmet: perk in the shedecover Tokeep upur vehicle cole mininzing une of Rt Cycle the A/C if you hove to use it They kt oi fou benine 6 bereoth you Use o beaded seot cover 人 11 GOOD DRIVING TIPS Look well ahead 6 anticipate In sity driving you should krow uters teppening o least 10-15 seconds sheot On the toouag ot least 30 seconds visual lead tine s paopriste Use your horn defensively Defensive driversul top their horrn te ermee the mointain a space cushion Listen to slouer music Drive Uhen civing on a TMtrere by ta noinooin sooce cushion cound you se yoUcan Meintoin gpprepriote follouing distonce Avelddiving sa cese behind onother vehlele that you re forced to *imnediotely broke 7it the posted speed ar lauer Criving at 70mph (13ph) L up ba rere fuelthan or 60noh gjand vo to Souer pacedmusic is rore reking educes sress ond ted to hve the otevon of aher notorhts ar peteitiors in daie quarners ond potentioly iky sutian Reing arooctive uil sove uelkmeens ou con avaid heving to larcke or Stop unnecessery promore siouer driving Uchange lones reeded 195kpn)and up 15 more thee ot --- Aelerences hapYutheguordion.conrorey2010royOlsove 800 pounds yoor petio hapvdeeptkelbunichedutisahandier2027A2/86074/102758 pef hapuunanepiovingepert.controveidecper fuel hapoYutypernier couk showplates Direct apouurangc.calenergykttoekytansportetioncas-ytrudsidirg521 Nipouperingcon poy orogcanpeusipue and gadehom

The Ultimate Guide to Hypermiling

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Over 100 tips on how you can alter your driving habits in order to improve your fuel economy and lower your carbon footprint allowing you to save money.



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