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Types of Energy Ranked by Cost Per Megawatt Hour

TYPES OF ENERGY RANKED BY COST PER MEGAWATT HOUR BASE COST LEVELIZED COST OF (EXCLUDES STORAGE AND OPERATION) $ ELECTRICITY PER MWh Levelized Cost of Energy: "Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) refers to the estimates of the revenue required to build and operate a generator over a specified cost recovery period." – U.S. Energy Information Administration PER MWh SOLAR, STANDALONE GEOTHERMAL WIND, OFFSHORE ULTRA-SUPERCRITICAL COAL HYDROELECTRIC ADVANCED NUCLEAR GEOTHERMAL | Energy harvested SOLAR, | Energy harvested from STANDALONE sunlight through systems not connected to the grid WIND, |Energy produced ONSHORE by wind blowing from the sea to the land from heat within the earth .----- :: $23.52 $32.78 $19.03 $36.40 $27.01 $36.93 HYDROELECTRIC | Energy COMBINED | Heat is converted CYCLE into mechanical SOLAR, | Solar energy connected HYBRID to the power grid, combining multiple sources of electricity harvested from energy the power of water in motion ------ $7.78 $37.11 $31.13 + $47.67 $38.62 $55.26 ULTRA-SUPERCRITICAL Type of coal-fired power plant that COAL Organic material such as wood, corn, animal manure, or sewage is converted into energy BIOMASS ADVANCED | Hybrid reactors that NUCLEAR produce electricity but can also produce clean drinking water is more efficient than traditional coal plants because the water running through it is a supercritical fluid, which has characteristics of both a liquid and a gas $50.51 $69.39 $43.80 $72.78 $34.96 $89.21 COMBUSTION | Power is generated through TURBINE combustion, similar to how jet engines function BATTERY | Batteries that are charged with STORAGE renewable energy sources such as wind and solar WIND, |EnergyY produced by OFFSHORE wind blowing from the land toward the sea $45.41 $106.62 $57.98 $119.84 $89.20 $120.52 Sources: WIND, ONSHORE BATTERY STORAGE COMBINED CYCLE COMBUSTION TURBINE BIOMASS SOLAR, HYBRID

Types of Energy Ranked by Cost Per Megawatt Hour

shared by SylviaP on Dec 09
How much do different renewable energy sources cost and how do they compare to one another?


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