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The Top Ten Screening Mistakes by Recruiters

Top 10 Screening Mistakes by Recruiters Brought to You by Resoomay Selecting candidates with exaggerated résumés: History is littered with notorious padded résumés, so it's a safe bet that your average Joe may use a little cushion. In fact, 79 percent of respondents to a SurePayroll survey of business owners stated they had hired candidates with mismatched skill sets, despite claims made on their résumés. Not asking the right questions in interviews: 2 Many recruiters only ask superficial questions in the screening process, and don't take the time to find the questions that will really probe how well someone would do in the job. Interviewing respondents whose 3) temperaments or personalities are wrong for the job: Having a clear idea of someone's personality type can drastically reduce turnover costs (up to 200 percent of one's annual compensation according to AMA) by finding the right person for the position. Relying only the interview: 4 According to a University of Michigan study done by the Chally Group, an interview increases the chance of finding the best candidate by only 2 percent. Not checking references: According to a recent 2010 SHRM survey, as many as 25 percent of employers NEVER check references. Discounting an "overqualified" person for the position: Seldom is there a complete match for the job. Lack of communication among hiring authorities: Establishing efficient communication channels among key hiring decision makers is vital -- and often neglected. ih. Succumbing to the "I need someone right now" syndrome: 8. Blindly taking all representations made on a résumé and cover letter heightens the risk of making a bad decision, thus creating more turnover costs that can be very high, depending on the field. Failing to provide a detailed and accurate job description: Offering a vague job description can result in too many applicants applying for the job, and make shortlisting a nightmare. Not selling the job/company: 10 In today's market, recruiters may come across as they are doing someone a favor by granting an interview. Failure to provide enthusiasm to job seekers is a sure-fire way NOT to recruit the best talent. Infographic by Compiled by Resoomay Sources: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

The Top Ten Screening Mistakes by Recruiters

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This infographic about mistakes that recruiters make when screening candidates was contributed by Resoomay. Resoomay is a new cloud based, SaaS tool for creating greater hiring efficiencies. Using Res...



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