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Till debt do us part

TILL DEBT DO US PART HOW DEBT CAN DESTROY A RELATIONSHIP 66 Three days after she divulged to her fiancé that she had over $170,000 in student debt, he broke off the engagement. 99 THE NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE MONEY DISPUTES ARE THE BEST HARBINGERS OF DIVORCE %24 76% of Americans see money as a source of stress in their lives.. BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL The TWO-INCOME HOUSEHOLD is a contributing factor to high divorce rates, due to the financial stress on both spouses. Increase in the RISK OF DIVORCE for Each Party Rate of Financial Disputes HUSBAND WIFE 39% LESS THAN ONCE PER MONTH 30% 60% SEVERAL TIMES PER MONTH 50% 80% 65% ONCE A WEEK 119% 99% SEVERAL TIMES PER WEEK 162% 130% ALMOST EVERYDAY WHAT OR WHO'S TO BLAME? VALUING MATERIALISM OVER THE MARRIAGE Rising consumer debt after a couple's wedding contributes to the instability of unions among newlyweds. DEBT HÁVING CONFLICTING MONEY VALUES Divorcing couples can't agree on spending styles, earning capacities & how to spend their money. ADOPTING TRADITIONAL MARITAL ROLES THAT DON'T FIT BILL 60% of FPA planners say women tend to pay the bills. 75% of FPA planners said men make the majority of the family's investment decisions. 1 in 5 couples make these decisions jointly. Men tend to enjoy investing more but are also more likely to invest without research. Women know less about investing but make fewer mistakes, such as holding a stock for too long. CONTRADICTING NO COVER MONEY MANAGING STYLES Cancelled or maxed out credit cards due to one partner's unknown spending, can create resentment. 48% of married couples keep separate credit card accounts. HAVING NO MONEY MANAGING SKILLS DEBT 50% of the divorcing couples brought significant debt to the relationship. 25% of divorcing couples have one person who has a pile of student loans. DIVORCE MAY NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM People may not be divorcing over debt, but because of a breakdown in communication & trust. DIVORCE DIVORCE RATE RATE 50000 100000 DOLLAR 10 25 YEARS Couples with assets of $100,000 Couples married for 25-30 years or more will stay in the marriage in order to keep the house (so it doesn't sell at a lower price) as well as hold on to stocks, bonds & other investments until the values are back up. or more have lower divorce rates than those with less money. It's often more expensive for ex-spouses to maintain separate households than to stay together. That makes the debt problem harder to resolve. SOURCES[TttWwh,2] http://www.wellheeledblog. edit-card-debt-and- ce.aspx .com/2009/11/19/flnanclal-support-relationship/ ancesident -divorce-rates/ DIvorce www.OYOWORX.COM

Till debt do us part

shared by floydworx on Nov 28
Infographics about how money effects the life of couples. Check full size for full size. ;]


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