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Tighten Your Wallet and Your Waist

Tighten Your Wallet and Your Waist Don't Go Shopping on an Empty Stomach Make a List and Stick to It Nutrition Keep a list on your refrigerator and add items as they run out Fruits and Vegetables Daily recommended amount: 1-2 cups Fill at leasthalfof your plate with fruits and vegetables O Milk O Eggs O Bread Protein Daily recommended amount: 2-6.5 oz. Dairy Daily recommended amount: 2-3 cups Sticking to your list can save, on average, 23% on your grocery bill Grains Daily recommended amount: 3-6 oz Make whole grains at least half of your serving of grains The amount of each category you need to eat depends on age, sex, and level of physical activity 14% Product Placement Expensive products are placed within easy reach on the middle shelves. Less expensive products (for example, store brands) are placed on top and bottom shelves of all impulse purchases are food items Whenever possible, avoid the expensive products on these middle shelves Eat More Fruits and Vegetables You can shrink your grocery budget by up to 25% by adding more fruits and vegetables to your snacks and meals Purchasing store brands can save you on average about Price per unit "30% Weigh the price per ounce versus needs to determine the best deal $5.00 $4.00 $3.00 9 oz. Buy in Season Seasonal fruits and vegetables cost less and add nutritional variety to your diet 6 oz. 12 OZ. 5ยข 4.4 4.1 In sason Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Per Ounce Per Ounce Per Ounce Asparagus Broccoli Remember: It's not a deal if it will spoil before you use it Calary Corn Annual Meat Consumption per Pound per Person (U.S., 2010) Cucumbars Fava Beans Green Baans Lettuce Poas Potatoes Spinach Summer Squash 81.5 lb. Winter Squash Swaet Potatoes Tomatoes 60 lb. 15.5 lb. 2009) For better nutrition, use lean cuts of beef such as a Strip Steak Have a Budget The average American consumes 4.7 pounds of food per day 4.7 lbs. Daily Average American family of four spends The average American wastes approximately 209-253 pounds of food each year $709 per month on groceries Sale Avoid Sales Only buy sale items that you regularly use It's not a sale if you didn't budget for that expense Use Coupons AVERAGE SAVINGS PER COUPON $3.7Billion in 2010 was saved by using $1.44 92.5 Million adult Internet users will use online coupons in 2012 coupons 5 Best Coupon-Clipping Websites $485 Billion COUPONS CouponMom! This could feed 44 people for 1 day the easiest way to save worth of coupons were distributed In 2010 ReaiMeNet COUPON CABIN Plan Your Meals Fast Food vs. Home Cooking Plan out your meals for the week and make a list of their ingredients to ensure you purchase only necessary groceries Nutritional Value of Dinner for 1 Week I Home (Total of 7 Meals shown to the right) 3 Meals a Day for a Family of 4 1 Meal a Day for a Family of 4 1 meal at a fast food restaurant All meals cooked at home Fast Food *** (Total of 7 McDonalds Sandwiches & Fries) $177 per week $175 per week 1 week of the national average food budget Assuming $25 total for meal 100 Beef Pot Roast Total Fat Beef Noodle Casserole Turkey Stir-Fry Baked Cod Leftovers Beef Pasta Turkey Casserole Monday Saturday Wednesday Lima beans, banana orange salad, lowfat milk Steamed rice, white bread, peach-apple crisp, lowfat milk Scalloped potatoes, spinach, margarine, chocolate pudding Noodles, peas and carrots, orange slices, biscuits, margarine, rice pudding, lowfat milk Pot Roast leftovers or any other leftovers you have White bread, canned pears, orange juice, lowfat milk Orange slices, white bread, chickpea dip, lowfat milk 4ser ving, abeut 2 aupsche Lengreund bee( anian, neoder, temato 1oup peppes beudumb 4ming about 1/2 aup ee Chidkenbaullan cubs, iy ucn, cornterh vegetable el, guicpowder, turkay, amats, auchini, enion an 4seing bout 3ounces encha Ced Nl, chedde chee 4 evin abeut1-1/2 cup ene Greenbeans, eria lengreund bed neade, beef bouilen euber, flour, ppper, dryparley Aaer, garlicpowde, 4eving abeut 2oache Gbbags, greurd turkey, eniana white rice bamato Iuce, garlic pawdes ground oregana Saturated Fat Sodium 4srving abeut3oun befesch,plus4 arvinga for anather meal: Orion, beef chudk reart, beef boullan oubs, aangejuics, greundalipian,peppr generations pearanalytics analydn ii iatligence federal credit union Sourcesi,,,,,,,,,,,

Tighten Your Wallet and Your Waist

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Most families find that their receipts at the grocery store and the drive-thru add up to one of their largest expenses every month. At the same time, families are trying to eat healthier, which many p...


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