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Things China Makes

THINGS CHINA MAKES Growth in China's manufacturing sector might be slowing down, but China still makes a whole lot of stuff. Here are 10 things that China makes more of than any other country in the world: 320.4 MILLION Personal Computers That's 90.6% of all the personal computers produced in 2011. 109 MILLION 医 園 因 园 因 医 因 因 因 医 Air Conditioners 3 3 K A That's 80% of all the air conditioners produced in 2011. K 3 A K K VV♥♥♥ 320.4 MILLION Energy-Saving Lamps That's 80% of all the energy-saving lamps produced in 2011. 21.8 GIGAWATTS Solar Cell Production Capacity That's 74% of global solar cell production capacity in 2011. 1.1 BILLION Mobile Phones That's 70.6% of all the cell phones produced in 2011. 12.6 BILLION E ZEEE5E Pairs of Shoes That's 63% of all the shoes produced in 2010. OI 18 BILLION Tons of Cement That's 60% of all the cement produced in 2011. 51.5 MILLION Tons of Pork That's 49.8% of all the pork produced in 2011. 1.8 BILLION 0-0. Units of Coal (Here, 1 unit of coal is equivalent to 1 ton of oil.) That's 48.2% of all the coal produced in 2011. 76.6 MILLION Metric Tons of Shipbuilding Capacity That's 45.1% i i i of global shipbuilding capacity in 2011. By Lisa Mahapatra INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES Source: Bank of America Merrill Lynch report titled "Not So Trivial Facts" by David Ciu Attributions: David Chapman, Dimitriy Lagunov, Edward Boatman, Eugene Dobrik, Cornelius Danger, Timur Zima and alf from The Noun Project C00000000 0000 00000

Things China Makes

shared by lisamahapatra on Aug 23
China makes so much stuff that if it suddenly decided to stop, most of the rest of the world would experience impossibly high demand for many "essentials" of modern life -- things like air conditioner...


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