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Tears Of The Sun

Tears of the sun beautiful and rare There might be no second resource which got loaded up with so many meanings like gold. Through human history it became an exclusive symbol for wealth and power and gained high importance in modern technology. It forces tears of either happiness or sorrow. So let's see how much gold we can haul on earth. Berlin TV-Tower 368 m Ø798,5 m Total iron ore extraction 2012 2,800,000,000 tons per year price 266 billion € All figures in this Infografik refer to October 2013 Total ever extracted technology amout of gold Use of a precious good 12% 169,545 tons per all time Half of all gold for jewellery investment 16% jewellery Over the centuries people disco- 52% vered continuously new applica- reserves tions for this raw material. As it 20% 0 25,6 m was used as currency and a luxu- ry good in the past, it deals as a more and more important technological material today. Estimate of still exploitable gold on your planet 016,9 m 48,692 tons Total gold extraction 2011 06,4 m 2,700 tons per year price 84 billion € What does it need to move 2,700 tons of pure gold? Gold is one of the three most dense metals on earth. Liebherr T-282: 363 tons each load Even if the biggest haul truck could transport the volume of a year production, the weight it can't. You have to take 7,4 loads with a O 6,4m nearly empty cargo area to not surcharge the truck's carrying limit of 363 tons. vw Golf IV 363 tons earth crust Round about 1,5 g of gold is to expect in 363 t of earth crust. Equal to the load of this truck. 1,5 gram A spherical gold piece of one and a half gram is comparable to an A gold leaf in size of a DIN A4 page can get forged out of an 1,5g piece of gold. average pearl stud. pearl stud Ø 5.4 mm worth ca. 50 € A4 297 | mm 0,71 kilogram Would be the weight of a golf ball consisting of pure gold. golf ball Ø 42.7 mm worth ca. 24,192 € 71 kilogram A hundred times the weight of a 210 mm golden golf ball was the biggest gold nugget ever found. It was called "Welcome Stranger" and did not overlap the size of an usual handball, worth ca. 2,385,600 € handball Ø 190 mm Precious competitors Of course gold is one of the most valuable articles on our globe. But may be you should consider some other rare materials as well and rethink your investments now? Compared to a 710 g heavy golf ball nugget an equivalent weight of other materials cost: N'5 710 g 710 g 710 g 710g 391€ for silver 2,840 € for printing ink 10,887€ 24,192€ 1.74 Mio.€ for Chanel No.5 for gold for purpure Sources: BROUGHT TO YOU BY of_gold/heritage/ de (28Farbstoff)29 de der_gr%C3%B6%C3%9Ften_Eisenerzf%C3%B6rderer istract visual knowledge transfer 2013

Tears Of The Sun

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Gold the fabulous substance which aroused warfares, ennobled kings and graced gods. But: If one would melt down all golden coatings, dental fillings, pieces of jewellery and bullions of the world and ...




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