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Target Shooting In America: Millions of Shooters, Billions of Dollars

TARGET SHOOTING IN AMERICA Millions of Shooters, Billions of Dollars 201 $10 %$410 MILLION BILLION PEOPLE SPEND- annually on target shooting TOTAL SPENDING 000O BY TYPE OF FIREARMOOO HOW IS IT SPENT? O 39% Muzzleloader 7% Firearms Shotgun 22% 36% 17% X Rifle Food, Fuel and Lodging 35% 17% Handgun Handloading, Optics, Accessories & Rentals TARGET SHOOTING 00000 12% I SUPPORTSO 0000 Ammunition MORE 185,000 11% THAN JOBS Range Instructor & TrĂ¡ining Fees 4% Other NEARLY $3.5 E IN ANNUAL STATE, LOCAL & FEDERAL TAXES CONTRIBUTED BY TARGET SHOOTING BILLION TARGET SHOOTING HAS A TOTAL ECONOMIC IMPACT $23 IN AMERICA OF MORE THAN BILLION 30% FEMALE 70% MALE TARGET SHOOTING PARTICIPATION MORE PEOPLE TARGET SHOOT THAN: 21 14. 12. 81 MILLION TARGET SHOOTERS MILLION SOCCER PLAYERS MILLION MILLION BASEBALL PLAYERS SKIERS 4 PRIMARY RULES FOR GUN SAFETY Always keep gun pointed in a safe direction Treat guns as though they are always loaded Keep your finger off of the trigger until your sights are on your intended target Always be sure of your target and what's behind it THOUSANDS OF PLACES TO TARGET SHOOT LISTED @ WHERETOSHOOT.ORG SCAN QR CODE TO DOWNLOAD FREE MOBILE APP REMEMBER to bring a newbie in 2014 National SHOOTING SPORTS Foundation NSSF.ORG PROMOTE PROTECT. PRESERV

Target Shooting In America: Millions of Shooters, Billions of Dollars

shared by NSSF on Jan 15
Did you know that more people target shoot than play baseball? This infographic provides a look at just how economically impactful target shooting is in America.


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