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Surprisingly these people make more money than you!

Surprisingly these people make more money than you! Sales Manager Garbage Man in Newport Beach $53,000 $59,000 = $1000 When tracking profits, you would never think of becoming a garbage man as a way to increase your earnings. However, by becoming a garbage man in Newport Beach could get you a $6000 pay rise when compared to the average rate for sales managers. Teacher Stripper $53,100 $74,000 abc The switch from stripping to teaching may worry some hoping to not get found out, but the opposite swap between jobs shouldn't worry you too much. After all, it could mean up to $20,000 more a year. Fast Food Worker TV Watcher $18,720 $25,000 %$4 EFastFood Fast food workers already have a thankless task, but it may even infuriate some more to know that some customers taking their meals to go to get back to watching TV are actually getting paid to do so. The worst part? They get paid more. Account Manager Sommelier or Wine Steward $48,000 $50,868 %24 Some manage important accounts, while others manage imported beverages. Even though few think of wine stewards until after they left the office, they may be pining for a career shift after they see how the numbers stack up. Creative Director Submarine Cook $94,000 $200,000 %$4 As a creative director, you're out in the world, collaborating, scheming and well, creating products aimed to amaze. But for those who find themselves in a more claustrophobic situation, the seclusion may be worth it, especially for submarine cooks. Midwife Egg Donor $34,000 $60,000 The hard part may be helping to deliver a child, but don't let that fool you into thinking it works out financially. Midwives make $34,000, while egg donors make almost twice as much. Social Media Specialist Magician $48,000 $49,000 in By garnering new followers and spreading brands across the Web, some social media specialists think they're making magic. Who knew that literally doing so pays a bit more. Though the pay is comparable, magicians pull a little more than just rabbits out of their hats. Athletic Trainer Chocolatier $44,010 $90,000 Treating your body well is a relative concept. After all, those who provide chocolatey treats that won't get you in shape, but will provide some temporary invigoration, get paid twice as much as those who hone and guide the bodies of athletes. Firefighter Lifeguard in Newport Beach $47,730 $98,000 Between saving beach-goers from drowning in water or using it to put out blazes across the U.S., the firefighter is the clear winner for admiration. But back in Newport Beach, the $98,000 salary puts the national average for firefighters, $47,730 to shame. Minor League Baseball Player Hot Dog Vendor $10,000* $100,000 *per season Hot Dog Hot dogs and baseball are a classic team. But who would have thought the guys taking part in the main attraction are the ones striking out. While hot dog vendors across the U.S. can make up to $100,000 minor league players struggle to make $10,000 during a given season. Yes there are people in the world that make more money than you, but remember, money is not everything in life... It's just a bigger house, a nicer car, finer dining and much more fun! SPONSORED BY SOURCES:,,,,,,,,, IFOREXK Online Trading

Surprisingly these people make more money than you!

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If there was ever an infographic you need to check out before choosing a profession, this is the one. Money might not be everything in life...but it's most of it!





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