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Student loans and crises

FROM THE EDITORS OF VISUALIZE THIS THE STUDENT DEBT CRISIS A GROWING PROBLEM The U.S. is drowning in student debt $867 billion The annual cost of a college education is spiking And student debt is growing even faster (average burden for graduates of four-year colleges) bateel Public $704 billion Private $24,301 $20,820 otome Total outstanding student loan debt $18,511 Americans' $15,651 outstanding credit card debt 1980-81 1990-91 2000-01 2010-11 2005 2007 2009 2012 Students get some help from the government But debt is taking a financial toll 10- Value of a Pell Grant 66% 33% Average monthly payment on a student loan Students who receive direct 10% Students who receive federal tax credits and deductions Time it takes to pay off an average student loan under a standard plan Graduates whose $4,550 government aid in the form $250 payments exceed 25% of their income of grants and loans for education And graduates are getting less out of a college education uport %24 Bachelor's degree holders under 25 who are jobless or underemployed 54% Graduates who take jobs for which college degrees aren't required 33% THE FUTURE College costs are only expected to rise And if you find that unnerving... Projected annual cost in 2030 Amount, per second, that America's total student debt load is growing 2853.88 Public Private $41,228 $130,428 The crisis is already spreading beyond twenty-somethings- and will only get worse Student loan 2 million delinquency rate for borrowers age 40 to 49 35 to 49 People age 60 or older who hold student loans 11.9% Age group amassing student debt at the fastest rate, partly because they're taking out loans for their kids THE WEEK For sources and more infographics, visit THEWEEK $5,938 $13,686 669'2$ $20,894 $9,390 $26,456 $13,297 $31,395

Student loans and crises

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One of the biggest problems right now for sutdents is their loans. Too many young people are in debt and the growth is not looking good. This visual shows the numbers quite well - and should be taken ...




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