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Student Debt in America

STUDENT DEBT IN AMERICA STUDENTS ARE BORROWING TWICE WHAT THEY DID A DECADE AGO AFTER ADJUSTING FOR INFLATION Students who borrow too much end up delaying life-cycle events such as BUYING A CAR BUYING A HOME GETTING MARRIED HAVING CHILDREN says Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of BETWEEN Full-time undergraduate students borrowed an average 2007 and 2018 $4,963 in 2010 4-YEAR COLLEGES 12% INCREASE 63%1 2-YEAR COLLEGES 13% INCREASE from a decade earlier after adjusting for inflation UNDERGRADUATE ENROLLMENT Student loans are expected to surpass credit card debit for the second time in a row ACCORDING TO CURRENT STATISTIC RESULTS ON STUDENT LOANS, ABOUT A THIRD OF UNIVERSITY STUDENTS NEEDED TO APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID 20% OF 18 TO 24 YEAR-OLDS HAVE "DEBT HARDSHIPS" OVER TWO THIRDS OF UNIVERSITY STUDENTS NOW REQUIRE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AVERAGE DEBT PER STUDENT IN THE LAST 10 YEARS $12,000 TO $25 000 76% OF COLLEGE STUDENTS HAVE CREDIT CARDS 111111111| More than 50% of 21-year-olds in America today have dropped out of the college-graduation track, either by not finishing high school or by not going on to college. SHARE OF STUDENTS TAKING OUT LOANS TO ATTEND PUBLIC COLLEGE 1992 46% 62% 2008 In 1993, about 2 PERCENT of students at nonprofit private colleges took on more than $50,000 in debt In 2008, it was 8.6 PERCENT. Since 1978, the cost of college tuition in the United States has gone up by over 900% How do students spend their time? 24% 51% 7% SLEEPING SOCIALIZING STUDYING APPROXIMATELY 14 PERCENT of all students that graduate ONE-THIRD with student loan debt end OF ALL COLLEGE GRADUATES END UP TAKING JOBS THAT DON'T EVEN REQUIRE COLLEGE DEGREES up defaulting within 3 years of making their first student i loan payment HTTP://WWW.CREDIT.COM/PRESS/STATISTICS/STUDENT-CREDIT-AND-DEBT-STATISTICS.HTML HTTP://WWW.ASA.ORG/POLICY/RESOURCES/STATS/DEFAULT.ASPX textbook recycling HTTP://NEWS.YAHOO.COM/PHOTOS/GRAPHIC-SHOWS-STUDENT-LOAN-DEBT-STATISTICS-PHOTO-061958446--FINANCE.HTML HTTP://THEECONOMICCOLLAPSEBLOG.COM/ARCHIVES/STUDENT-LOAN-DEBT-HELL-21-STATISTICS-THAT-WILL-MAKE-YOU-THINK-TWICE-ABOUT-GOING-TO-COLLEGE HTTP://WWW.USATODAY.COM/MONEY/PERFI/COLLEGE/STORY/2011-10-19/STUDENT-LOAN-DEBT/50818676/1 HTTP://RECYCLAGEMAG.COM/2012/03/STUDENT-LOAN-DEBT-STATISTICS/ %24 %24 NI

Student Debt in America

shared by VisualApogee on Sep 05
An infographic detailing through statistics about the overwhelming amount of debt students are dealing with for attending college these days.


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