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Stop Your Power Bill From Doubling

Increased Coal Regulation: STOP YOUR POWER BILL FROM DOUBLING? %24 SIGN THE PETITION EPA 'CLEAN COAL' RULE (CARBON CAPTURE AND STORAGE) Proposing to require coal-fired power plants to be built using first generation carbon capture and storage technology. Currently, it's not economically viable to add CCS technology to coal plants - there are ZERO CCS coal plants in the USA due to high costs of the technology. Additional Regulations for EXISTING plants coming soon THE "COAL" HARD FACTS: %24 40% 236 YEARS Coal supplies over 40% of the Worlds Electricity and that percentage is on the rise. 236 years remaining of recoverable Cheapest form of energy coal reserves We now have highly effective technologies that REDUCE THE EMISSIONS of: SOx Hg CO2 NOx CH4 SULPHUR MERCURY CARBON NITROGEN METHANE ASH OXIDE DIOXIDE OXIDE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET RID OF COAL? Costs To The Economy of the Climate Action Plan: Research shows significant economic losses extend beyond the obvious areas of coal mining and power generation. In particular, by 2030: Employment falls by more than Coal-mining jobs drop 43% 500,000 jobs Natural gas prices Manufacturing loses over rise 42%. GAS 280,000 jobs A FAMILY OF 4 annual income drops more than Aggregate gross domestic product (GDP) decreases by $1.47 trillion $1,000 /year total income drops by $16,500 over the period analyzed. Immediate Increased Costs to the YOU and YOUR POCKETBOOK: Under the administrations plan, "Electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket" (Quote from President Obama, referring to his overall energy plan and goal) ADMINISTRATION 40%-80% OFFICIALS STATED ELECTRIC BILL ENERGY PRICES WILL INCREASE $504-$1020 per year $2500 PER YEAR $149-$192 $107 per month per month In some places, electricity prices may rise as much as 2x what you are currently paying. CURRENT AFTER NEW MANDATES INCREASE NATIONAL AVERAGES $2500+ Per Year Do You Want Your Electricity Rates to Double?? SIGN THE PETITION and say you don't want to pay for this! INFOGRAPHIC HedgeHog PREPARED BY: DixiePower ELECTRIC ENERGIZING LIFE "A Simple Concept" SOURCES: Infographic created by Voxxy Networks

Stop Your Power Bill From Doubling

shared by hedgehogelectric on May 28
Cost of Doing Business With the EPA. Infographic that explains the potential costs associated with new regulations the EPA is rolling out against coal Power Plants.


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