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Stock Market Terminology

Stock Market Terminology wwww 20 TERMS you need to know Learning the language of the stock market is an ongoing process, but these 20 terms will help you get started as you prepare to build your own portfolio. analyze stocks and track the markets. 1. ANNUAL REPORT 2. BALANCE SHEET 3. BID PRICE The financial The sale price of A report to shareholders produced yearly, produced by all publicly priced statement which stocks or shares. shows all of the liabilities and assets of companies who issue stock. a company. 4. BLUE CHIP 5. CAPITAL 6. DEBENTURE The stocks of large The used for A type of stock that money setting up and launching a new a company issues that is backed by assets. cap, highly reputed companies, reliable for long term stability. business. 7. DIVIDEND The portion of a company's profits that is distributed to company's shareholders, normally on a regular basis. fo0 3000 000 DD OD000 DONDO DD ODNDO 8. EQUITIES 9. EXCHANGE 10. FUTURES These are ordinary These are the Contracts that allow any holder the legal right to buy or sell common stock shares, platforms both real and representing a share of ownership in a electronic where stock trades take place. Examples: The New 'ork Stock Exchange commodities in the company. future at a price set today. (NYSE), The NASDAQ and the CBOE. 11. HEDGE To insure the risk, often refers to offsetting a risky stock move with a safer play, in case the first does not go as planned. 12. Initial Public Offering 13. LIMIT ORDER OPEN TO PUBLIC The issue of new This is an shares by a previously private company as it becomes a publicly order to any stockbroker owned and traded specifying any fixed price limit. company. 16. PROXY 15. OVER THE COUNTER 14. OPTIONS Anybody who votes on nother person's behalf if the person is The term means the Refers to a marketplace outside the main stock right to purchase (call option) and sell (put option) a particular share at a particular price within a specific period. market.Usually OTC unable to attend a stocks are not listed shareholders' meeting. nor traded on exchanges, and vice versa. 17. LIQUIDATION Converting the prevailing assets of a 24 to cash, can be a sign that company business is failing and cash is needed to cover liabilities. %24 18. OFFER PRICE 19. SEC 20. YIELD Overwhelmed? Ihe gross dividend presented as the Don't be. There's a lot to Refers to the specific The Securities and learn, but if you spend time learning these terms, theyll help you to Exchange Commission is a federal regulatory body that monitors all stock and commodities price at which one can buy stocks and shares. percentage of the share price. A partial what an better understand and assess investing from the measure ground up. trading and companies investor returns on TIMOTHYSYKES COM involved therein. their investment in a TIM stock.

Stock Market Terminology

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Tim has put together 20 key terms to get you started with stock market terminology in this infographic...


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