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Spending Habits of the Modern Consumer

SPENDING HABITS of the Modern Consumer E-COMMERCE FACTS AND STATISTICS 81% of internet users research products online in the US, consumers spent $186 BILLION online in 2010 Up from under $50 Billion in 2004 66% of internet users have 26% shopped online of internet users have taken part in online auction PROFILE OF ONLINE SHOPPERS Online Shopping Around the World (% of internet users who have shopped online) EUROPE 85% NORTH AMERICA 83% ASIA 85% SOUTH AMERICA 81% AFRICA 53% AUSTRALIA 87% Countries with Highest Growth in E-Commerce INDIA SAUDI ARABIA INDONESIA AUSTRALIA PHILIPPINES Shoppers by Age Group (% of age group that has shopped online) On average, men spend 2X 71% 66% 54% 18-30 31-44 as much online of men and of women as women shop online 68% Men are more Women are more 64% 45-54 likely to shop in the EVENING likely to shop over LUNCH TIME 68% 55-65 Men take, on average, Women take 10mins 14mins to complete a purchase to complete a purchase online 48% 66+ online Internet Users Aged Internet Users 18-34 18%O 28% OVER 55 more likely than avarage to impulse buy online less likely than avarage to impulse buy online BY INDUSTRY AND PRODUCT In 2012, travel e-commerce sales were worth $103 BILLION in the US Product Most Bought Online 53% 46% 42% 40% 39% 38% 37% Books Consumer Athletic Sporting Goods Shoes Pet Clothing Electronics Apparel Supplies 36% 36% 35% 31% 29% 28% 22% Office Supplies Home Furnishings Auto Home Improvement Jewelry Personal Groceries Parts Care ONLINE AND OFFLINE served eserved served 80% of shoppers have reserved products online to collect in stores Ragerved leserved Reserved of shoppers NEVER research a product online On average, consumers use 40 www. WEBSITES to research prices & features 50% of these consumers purchase in stores SEARCHO 77% 67% of shoppers are happy with service in-store are happy with service online 44% of shoppers ALWAYS research a product online before buying in a store THE VALUE OF E-COMMERCE Online Retail Sales are predicted to grow E-commerce Sales are predicted to make up $250 BILLION 8% by 2014 OF ALL RETAIL SALES in the US by 2014 CUSTOMER SUPPORT Reasons for Abandoning a Purchase 70% 56% 50% 46% 38% unexpected delivery costs not enough information complicated registration or login process security website hard to navigate or product not found concerns about a product 37% 35% 30% 30% 25% can't find problems with checkout decided to do more research customer service decided not to buy the product the answer not accessible to a question 71% of online shoppers expect help within QUIT MINUTES 90% 48% of new online shoppers need support in making an online purchase will abandon a 51% of online shoppers will give up or try only once when seeking help site if they can't get help within SUPPORT that time ADVANTAGES OF E-COMMERCE done! Buying/Selling Outside Fewer Fast Procedure & Lowe Geographical Limitations Working Hours Easy Browsing Overheads E-Sales account for Business adopting e-commerce were 33% 45% of the revenue of small businesses Convenient more likely to Easy to Start & Manage a Business using report a Shopping for Customers e-commerce profit increase from 2011 to 2012 SOURCES homestead O+ •(•(• •(•0•0 )•J•J•

Spending Habits of the Modern Consumer

shared by snellis on Aug 08
According to recent research, US consumers spent more than $186 million online in 2010 - a significant increase from the $50 million spent online in 2004. In addition, it's estimated that consumers v...




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