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Spanish Emigration during the Crisis | Venture Spain

Spanish Emigration during the Crisis VENTURE SPAIN Population in decline grown by 5.5 million. But when the global financial crisis sent the country into a time of intense difficulty, immigrants stopped coming, and many Spanish citizens started looking to leave. smaller for the first time in -300,000 at least fifty years. In 2013, the numbers fell even further. They will likely do so again in 2014. In two years, the Spanish population has shrunk by over 300,000 people. In 2012, the population got Between 2000 and 2008, Spain's population had ANNUAL CHANGE IN POPULATION 2005-2013 884,000 775,000 714,000 570,000 247,000 181,000 151,000 -90,000 -220,000 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Total inflows and outflows ENTERING LEAVING 599,000 - 2008 - 288,000 393,000 - 2009 - 380,000 361,000 - 2010 - 403,000 371,000 - 2011 - MM 409,000 304,000 İi - 2012 - 447,000 291,000 MİİMMÝÌÌÌ - 2013 - 548,000 By 2010 more people were emigrating immigrants returning to their countries of out of Spain than were immigrating in. origin. Their departure has meant less These figures include both foreign migrants economic demand in Spain, resulting in a and Spanish citizens, but the large majority slower recovery. It is a both a symptom and of those leaving were former non-Spanish a cause of the crisis. Spanish citizen emigrants The number of Spanish citizens departing the country has more than doubled since NUMBER OF SPANISH CITIZENS LEAVING SPAIN 2008 - 34,000 2008. Some of these are former immigrants who gained Spanish nationality after arriving from their countries of origin, but then decided to go back. Others are Spanish citizens who were born in Spain and are looking for opportunities abroad. While departures have steadily increased, the number of Spanish citizens returning to Spain has stayed constant since 2008, at about 30,000 per year. 2009 - 36,000 2010 - 40,000 2011 - 55,000 2012 - 57,000 2013 - 79,000 Young professionals abroad 35,000 PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL SPANISH EMIGRANTS BY AGE That's the number of Spanish citizens in their 20s and 30s who moved out in 2013. In total, 79,000 citizens left the country. Out of this number, around 21 percent were children 14-years-old or younger. Another 18 percent were in their 20s, and the largest group, 27 percent of the total, were in their 30s. These young and rising professionals have decided to take their skills and 20.7% 4.2% 14 or younger 15-18 ambitions abroad. The longer the crisis persists, the longer they are likely to stay outside of Spain. 17.6% 26.5% 16.3% 7.3% 4.0% 3.4% 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70- Where do Spanish emigrants live? Number of Spanish citizens in each destination country. <100 <5,000 <25,000 <75,000 <150,000 <1,000 <10,000 <50,000 <100,000 315,000 According to data from the United Nations, 1.2 million Spanish citizens are currently living outside of Spain. More than half of them remain in Europe. The most popular destination is France, where 315,000 Spanish citizens now live. 100,000 live in the United States TOP FIVE and another 90,000 in Argentina. Germany and the United Kingdom are home to around 85,000 DESTINATIONS 1. France 2. United States 3. Argentina 4. Germany 5. United Kingdom Spanish citizens each. Other major destinations include Venezuela, Switzerland, Belgium, and Brazil. Sources Change in population: Eurostat, Demographic balance and crude rates [demo_gind] (2014), accessed on Sept. 7, 2014. - Migrant inflows and outflows: Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Migration statistics (2014), accessed on Sept. 6, 2014. - Spanish citizen emigrants: ibid. - Percentage of total emigrants by age: ibid. - Destination countries: United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs (2013). Trends in International Migrant Stock: Migrants by Destination and Origin (United Nations database, POP/DB/MIG/Stock/Rev.2013). VENTURE SPAIN -

Spanish Emigration during the Crisis | Venture Spain

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The economic crisis has resulted in significant shifts in migration flows in and out of Spain. How many are leaving and where are they going? This infographic visualizes the most recent data on Spanis...


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