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The South African Drought....what's it all about?

The South African Drought 2015-2016 What caused it? Global warming trends The El Nino phenomenon Whilst El Nino has proven to be responsible for "8 out of 10 of the worst droughts over the past 100 years, studies point also point to wider global warming as a cause for South Africa's higher temperatures. El Nino is a rise in oceanic temperatures in the South Pacific One of its many knock-on side-effects is a reduction in South Africa's annual rainfall. Did You Know? Africa as a continent is more vulnerable to global warming for the following reasons. Expanding dry areas Heavy reliance on rain Rising temperatures changing disease patterns. What constitutes a drought? South African rainfall 2012-2015 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 2012 2013 2014 2015 Year Average rainfall(mm) There are three main types of drought. Agricultural drought Lack of soil water to support the growth of crops. Hydrological drought Caused by low availability of surface water, e.g. dams, lakes and reservoirs. Socio-economic drought Occurs when any human activity is affected by any type of drought. ..... .... How has drought affected agriculture? What are the affects on South Africa's water supply? Soya, sorghum, groundnuts and sunflower have all been The drought has obviously led to drastic water shortages. adversely affected The country's water stores are dangerously low, with dams at 55% as of January 2016. The drought will also lead to a rise in agriculture prices. Drought stricken farmers will require at least R 4 billion in aid over the next three years. South Africa will have to import 73 million tonnes of grain, which will have the effect of pushing up food prices. 49 million people could be affected by the drought, as food production falls behind. What does the future hold? South Africa's GDP growth in 2016 is set to be the lowest since 2009. The South African government will be under significant pressure to avoid credit downgrades. South Africa will have to relax some of its tough rules on genetically modified crops in order increase foreign exports. a-national-disaster-says-da/#.Vs7BpluLTcu h outlook-as-drought-weighs/ south-africas-drought/ h c5e23ef99c77.html#axzz41AVTEI2T Average rainfall (mm)

The South African Drought....what's it all about?

shared by SallyBraith on Feb 27
The South African drought is the most sustained in nearly 80 years. With knock-on effects for the South African economy and agricultural sector, it remains to be seen if the South African government c...




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