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A Snapshot of the UK Economy: A Billion Here, A Billion There

A Billion here, a Billion there 'A snapshot of the UK economy in 2011/12' Earning Giving Spending Losing £4.5bn £14.6bn Alcohol UK £1.7 Online Money the Olyimpics Gam- bling (o/a) £12.5bn £32bn Agreed Costs for HS2 High Speed train line (saves 23mins on the current fastost time) £8.92bn Last minute Christmas generated spending Greece Bailout £10bn Money the Olyimpics (UK's total liability for supporting the eurozone) Cost tax revenues (p/a) spree £62bn Welfare Costs (2011) E3.24bn £2.7bn alcohol London transport (Taxpayer Costs) abuse costs to the NHS £58.4bn £32bn Cost of sick days to the economy UK's public sector productivity shortfall cost to taxpayers £27bn Cybercrime costs the UK £4.5bn Spent on £4.5bn mobile devices Annual Wolfare benefit fraud and error bill £2.5bn Google T £8bn £54bn £104bn NHS Spending Spent on parking (p/a) Domestic tourism Tax avoidance industry £54.7bn UK consumer spent on petrol £12bn NHS computer scheme that was scrappped £33.4bn Petrol Taxes £48.2bn U.K Debt interest payments £12.7bn UK's richest £37.25bn £8.9bn Unemployment £33.5bn Defence Education person - Lakshmi Mittal £2.2bn £0.349bn £127.2bn Trident Pensions nuclear missile Queen Elizabeth II system £3.94bn Operations & Peacekeeping (Afghanistan, Libya,Iraq) £3bn Starbucks Revenue (14 years) 28.6bnTax £14bn Donations to UK charities £14bn Limited capacity at London's Heathrow Airport costs the U.K. £42.8bn Tesco revenue £15.26bn £5bn Creative Economy Potential UK tax from £2.48bn illegal illegal drugs Tesco profits £54bn Council pensions Black Hole £3bn aid to tackle climate change in developing countries £13.6bn Нарpier Mis-selling PPI Scam Sources: http:/l/

A Snapshot of the UK Economy: A Billion Here, A Billion There

shared by Julianhearn on Feb 18
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Snapshot of how the UK and the UK government spends hundreds of Billions of pounds.


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