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Skewed: Income Inequality in America

SKEWED: INCOME INEQUALITY IN AMERICA Opportunity in Åmerica: It's shrinking. think of America in quintiles bottom 20 second 20 middle 20 fourth 20 and how the wealth is owned and distrubuted among us all top 20 in a recent survey, this is what was seen as the IDEAL 0 top 2 and this was the ESTIMATED distribution top 20 and this was REALITY top 20 bottom 40% barely even register looking for the AMÉRCIAN DREAM ? the steady path to prosperity is gone THE WEALTH PIE top 1% ~120,000 individuals 0%66-06 percentile 40% 34.5% 24.3% 1.1% 50-90% percentile bottom 50% more than 180,000,000 individuals MANY SHARING THAT SMALL PIECE OF THE PIE $1.22 TRILLION VS. $1.27 TRILLION amount that the bottom 60% of earners take home the wealth of the 400 richest individuals AVERAGE CEO MAKES 354 TIMES THE AVERAGE WORKER ratio through the years: 1982 42:1 1992 201:1 2002 281:1 2012 354:1 and this is the average worker, not the lowest paid one TIME=MONEY that worker works average a month to make the same wage the CEO earns in 30 minutes EXPENDABLE INCOME WHO HAS IT? +$40,583 MONTHLY BUDGET Ogroceries s for car Delectric bill Odental cleaning Ocar insurance Imortgage/rent Oheating bill Pprescription drugs +S11,215 +$6,479 look how far some have to stretch their funds, month after month +$3,137 +S1,053 $1,628 averagę -$265 monthly living wage 20 60 80 95 99 percentile WHO IS PAYING THE TAX BILL? EVERYONE. tax bill* by income group 35 30 III 25 20 15 10 20 40 60 80 90 95 99 percentile 24 * includes more than just federal income taxes - there are corporate taxes, payroll taxes, state and local sales taxes, real estate taxes and more FOR MANY, IT'S BYE BYE AMERICAN DREAM CITATIONS 3421381.htmlk BROUGHT TO YOU BY 40 ... tax bill as percent of income

Skewed: Income Inequality in America

shared by faschuman on Jan 25
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Opportunity in America: It’s shrinking. Lowest 60% of earners are making less than the wealthiest 400 Americans: $1.22 trillion vs. $1.27 trillion.


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