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Should You Buy Bitcoin?

1 should buy a BITCOIN How and when the fortunes of the world are made Tulip Mania It is impossible to comprehend the tulip mania without understanding just how different tulips were from every other flower known to horticulturists in the 17th century, - Dash | 1593 1600 1699 Dutch Golden Era Tulips are introduced In 1636 the demand for rare tulip AMSTERDAM'S STOCK EXCHANGE grew so much, they were traded on The Tulip Bubble 1635-1637 TULIP MOSAIC VIRUS Admiral Liefken Semper Augustus Unknown at the time, the 'most beautiful and rare' tulips had a virus 5,500 Viceroy of 4,400 Shilder of Admiral Von der Eyk The average annual income was 3,000 1,615 1,260 Currency: Florins -150 The cost of a Semper Augustus tulip cost the same as a luurious house in Amsterdam Charles Mackay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (1841) SHORT TERM VALUE LONG TERM VALUE Everyone imagined the passion for tulips would last for ever The Netherlands Horticulture Industry today The tulip bubble burst in 1637 24% 80% 50% May 1638 litigation allowed tulip contracts to be annulled for 3.5% of the agreed price share in bulbs share of world share of worldwide; that's 4.32 billion tulip bulbs each year trade in floricultural "the commerce of the country suffered a severe shock, from which it was many years ere it recovered" (Mackay, 1841) horticulture products worldwide ALTERNATIVE CURRENCY B BITCOIN Decentralized, Peer2Peer, Global, Digital currency NO PHYSICAL CURRENCY TO PROTECT OR TRANSFER NO CENTRAL POINT OF FAILURE 21 MILLION OPEN SOURCE Anyone can use software TOTAL BITCOINS released slowly over time by computer miners NO BANKS No inflation - No bank accounts Direct 1-to-1 transfers on a global public ledger called the "blockchain." $100 $7 from USA to MEXICO To send Bitcoin charge between: $0.08 and $3 costs roughly based on Western Union charges 54% 81% 78% 29% 48% 37% 3rd World has incentive to adopt secure decentralized currency, due to instability and political meddling 34% 12% AS INTERNET 25% ACCESS GROWS, 47% 18% 63% SO WILL BITCOIN INTERNET PENETRATION BY REGION JAN 2014 SHORT TERM VALUE LONG TERM VALUE JAN 2012 JAN 2013 JAN 2014 Taking the long road $5.48 $20.41 $1,040 HIGH intentionally creating both financial return impact goal takes priority over financial gains outcomes for both are $800 LOW and positive social or environmental impact actively measured IS IT A BUBBLE? WHO CARES? $10 PER BITCOIN BY MID 2014? GLOBAL IMPACT INVESTMENTS EXCEEDED $50 BILLION IN 2010 INVESTED CAPITAL IS PREDICTED Mark Williams, Boston University Finance Professor $400 BILLION- $1 TRILLION BY 2020 $98,500 PER BITCOIN IN 10 YEARS? J.P. Morgan, Impact investments an emerging asset class Presented by: MASTER-OF-FINANCE.ORG DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING Sources:

Should You Buy Bitcoin?

shared by NowSourcing on Feb 02
A look at bitcoin and how fortunes of the world have been made. Includes an interesting parallel between Bitcoin and the Tulip craze of 1600's Amsterdam.


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