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Saving Time During Tax Season

SAVING TIME during tax season With April 15 looming large, time-saving tax tips can be vital for meeting deadlines and reducing stress. Double Check Your Work 20% of income tax returns prepared on paper contain mistakes. 1040 u.S. Depate Just give every last name a second glance. RS Use Only-Do rot write cr stapie in this spoce. For the year Jan. 1-Dec. 31,2011 See separate instruct ons. Your trst neme and intal Last name Your social security number ta joint return, spouse's first name and intial Last name Spouse's social security number Home address number and street, t you heve a P.O. box, soe instructions All social security numbers should be correct. City, town or post office, state, and ZIP code. If you have a foreign adoress, also oon reck fereyou or your spo rg pety, wart $3to go to is tund. Checling a box below will not change your tax or Foreign country name Foreign province'county Foreign postal coce O You OSpouse 4 O H etund. 1 O Single 2 O Married fing jointly (even it only one had income) 3 O Married filing separately. Enter spouse's SSN above Filing Status Head of household (with qualilying person. (See inatructions.) the qualifying person is a child but not your dependert, enter this child's name here. Check only one box. and full name here. 6a O Yourself. If someone can claim you as a dependent, do not check box 6a b O Spouse . e Dependents: 5 D Qualitying widower) with dapendent child Boxes checked on da and 6b No, of childeren on 6c who: lived with you did not live with you due to divorce Exemptions Drpendent's m social security nunber Dependents relasionship to you (0/tchid undor nge 17 qualityng for child tax oredit see instructions) (1) Fistname Last name or separation n If more than four dependents, see instructions and check here ira ty Designee (see instructiona) Dependents on 6o not entered above e Add numbers on Tatala Designee's name Phone Personal identification no. number (PIN Sign Here Under penalties cf perjury, Ideclare that Ihave eamined this retum and aocompanying schedules and statemente, and to the best of my knowledge and beliet, they are true, comect, and complete. Declaration of preparer jother than taxpayer is based on all infomation of which preparer has any knowledge Your signature Your oooupation Date Daytime phone number Joint netun? See instructione. Keep a copy for your recorde Spouse's sigpature. If a joint return, both must sign. Date Spouse's occupation If the IRS sent you an dentity Protection PIN. enter it hee see inst Paid This is going to need your "John Hancock." Prepare Use Only Date PTIN Check Dit self-employed Firm's EIN Phone no. Firm's name Firm's address Form 1040 2012) Do The Math Cool stuff you COULD be doing vs. the average time it takes to file your taxes. Watching "The Empire Strikes Back" 10.4 times 1040 form 22hrs 18 are spent compling a 1040 form Americans who file a 1040 form 68% Watching GenCon D&D Keynote 30 times 1040A form 10hrs 18 are spent compiling a 1040A form 12 Amercians who file a 1040A form 19% Playing Vintage Donkey Kong 32 times "based on average time for 3 plays 1040EZ form 24 MMMAMA 7hrs 18 are spent compiling a 1040EX form 12 Americans who file a 1040EX form 13% Money-Saving Tax Tips Receive your tax Tax deductions are Back up your A "Where's My refund even faster there if you look financial documents Refund" tool gives your refund status. close enough. with e-file. with CrashPlan. For more information please visit: SOURCES: returns-and-refunds/ CRASHPLAN

Saving Time During Tax Season

shared by jacqsays on Mar 28
Isn’t it ironic that tax season is the most taxing time of the year? Too many forms, too many schedules and too many files we thought we had, but can never track down. Shouldn’t we be having more ...






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