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Saving Money on Heating Bills

a comprehensive guide to SAVING MONEY ON HEATING BILLS brought to you by PlumbNation Improving energy efficiency can sav e UK HOMES up to £310 EVERY YEAR 84% OF DOMESTIC ENERGY IS USED FOR HEATING AND HOT WATER 16% 60% 24% 4 STEPS towards heating efficiency * 2. Control 3. 4. Heat Limit Protect 1. HEAT your home with an A-rated boiler Savings of up to £225 on annual home heating bills can be achieved by upgrading to an A-rated condensing boiler. BOILERS account for 60% A higher rating means a more efficient boiler and lower running costs. of energy bills A - RATED G - RATED vs. The efficiencies shown are SEDBUK 2009 efficiencies, the current standard for boiler comparison. SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK) provides fair comparison of the energy performance of boilers. 90% - 91.3% A 90% - 91.3% 86% - 90% If you can see a flame it's most 86% - 90% в 82% - 86% 78% - 82% 78% - 82% 74% - 78% likely G-rated 74% - 78% 70% - 74% 70% - 74% Below 70% Below 70% 4 lower Q higher energy bills energy bills QUIET NOISY Manufactur er GUARANTEE More likely to BREAKDOWN Savings per year based on installing an A-rated boiler with heating controls. £310 F £205 £155 £105 430kg Only Gas Safe registered installers may perform boiler installations. LESS CO2 per year GAS säfe REGISTER 810kg 2. CONTROL your A-rated boiler efficiently 280 Co2 Installing the correct heating controls with your A-rated boiler can reduce energy bills by up to 23%. install a ROOM THERMOSTAT and save up to A high efficiency condensing boiler won't condense without a thermostat, and 8 million homes in the UK don't have one. £70 every ye ar TIMER THERMOSTAT Controls your heating and hot water Simplest step 21°C towards saving on efficiently energy bills Turns boiler OFF MULTIPLE CHANNELS morning & evening automatically 24 hr / 48 hr / 7 day settings Maintains a constant temperature ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION PROGRAMMABLE ROOM THERMOSTAT COMPARE -) 리안 21°C OPTIONS WIRELESS WIRED • No damage to décor • Requires hard wiring • Reduced installation costs • Can replace old wired models • No batteries required ROOM TEMPERATURE GUIDE CO2 turn your thermostat Above 24°C Higher risk of stroke / heart attack DOWN 22 - 24°C +1°C Some discomfort Comfortable temperature Some discomfort Risk of respiratory disease 18 - 21°C 16 - 17°C 12 - 15°C 9- 11°C and save up to Risk of stroke / Risk of hypothermia /heart attack £65 Below 9°C every ye ar For best results, install a thermostat in your most visited room, This is typically the living room. 3. LIMIT how much heat you use at home Thermostatic radiator valves allow you to control the temperature of individual install THERMOSTATIC RADIATOR VALVES and save up to rooms. It's recommended you install a TRV on each radiator within your home. £10 every year Are your old TRVS still working? Would you use one light switch for your entire home? TRVS are like light switches for your heating. Choose a temperature of 18°C - 21 ° C for your most frequented rooms 16°C 16°C 19°C Choose a lower temperature for your less frequented rooms 20°C 16°C 88 3 4% 6% HEATING CONTROLS & TRVS installed in the UK 21% 9% 13% 25% 19% Only 21% of UK homes have the right combination of heating controls and thermostatic radiator valves. The right combination enables heating to be controlled efficiently, lowering bills as a result. 4. PROTECT your boiler & central heating system Cleanse and protect your central heating system with water treatment chemicals to maintain optimum performance. SAVE up to 15% Have your central heating system serviced annually to retain high efficiency and ensure your boilers manufacturer warranty is upheld. on gas bills with WATER TREATMENT every tim e a room is heated CLEANSER & SYSTEM FILTER PROTECTOR Cleanses Connects the central easily to the central heating system heating system PREVENTS EXTENDS REMOVES REMOVES boiler system dirt metal noise life particles particles Protects against corrosion & Ilimescale Easy to clean ENERGY SAVER Saves £18 per year IMPROVES LOWERS heat N energy transfer usage YOUR CENTRAL HEATING SYSTEM IS NOW PROTECTED A credible installer will cleanse your central heating system before commencing work. TIME TO PUT YOUR FEET UP With the new changes to your heating system you can start counting the money you've saved year after year. COST SAVINGS vs. £700 minimum for goods needed to meet requirements £1550 saved over five years = £100 Find all of the above and more at files/Taking Control of Carbon V2.pdf 2013.pdf Saver F6 500ml.pdf +benefits/after+ powerflushing SOURCES HEATING 1 HOT WATER 1 LIGHTING ELECTRONIC COOKING ONI COLD APPLIANCES 1 WET APPLIANCES 1 OTHER 6y019 1200kg 1THERMOSTAT, TIMER & TRV MOSTAT & TIMER TIMER IMERMOSTAT 1 TIMER & TRV 1 THERMOSTAT & TRV 1 UNSUITABLE CONTROLS

Saving Money on Heating Bills

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Save up to £310 on your central heating and hot water bills every year with our handy infographic. Brought to you by PlumbNation.


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