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Russia's Development Assistance

RUSSIA AS A DONOR RUSSIA'S OFFICIAL DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE (ODA) Official development assistance (ODA) - A key tool in providing assis- tance to developing countries. ODA is provided either as loans, grants or money transfers, or as goods and services. It can be awarded di- rectly to recipient countries or through international multilateral organiza- tions like the World Bank and IMF. Eastern Europe & Central Asia 28% 9% Middle East & Northern Africa East Asia & Pacific Technical Assistance 3% 12% $ Earmarked Financial Grants 28% South Asia Debt Relief Sub-Saharan Africa Emergencies & Disasters 20% Money Transfers Latin America & Caribbean Tariff Preferences 785 In 2009 Russia significantly increased the amount of aid, primarily to CIS countries, to reduce the negative impact of the global financial crisis. 514 472 • UN Agencies • Multilateral Institutions O Direct Budget support Bilateral Official Development • Emergency Aid -GLobaleconemy- EDUCATION 220 211 RUSSIA'S AID PRIORITIES 100 101 102 HEALTH 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012... Global Crisis S $15 M $60 M E $30 M is being contributed for the 2010– 2014 period within the Collabora- tive Research & Capacity Building Program framework for the devel- opment of sustainable and re- silient agricultural production systems in Central Åsia. disbursed during the 2007–2010 period to strengthen cur- rent epidemiological prevention and mitigation services to reduce the impact of natural hazards, technological ac- cidents and humanitarian crises. provided for development of energy infra- structure in rural areas of African coun- tries, under the “Global Village Energy Part- nership" program. X $38 M $330 M $32 M provided in 2008–-2010 for HIV vaccine research and coordination of this work with CIS countries. allocated by Russia to support global food security activities under the L'Ãquila Food Security Initiative in 2009–2011. allocated in 2008 for the Russia's Education Aid for Development (READ) pro- gram, a joint project of the Russian Government and the World Bank. The project aims to enhance Russia's role as a new donor in the area of education. The main aim of the program is to in- crease the quality of educa- tion in low-income coun- tries. A $75 M to be provided in 2011-2015 in sup- port of the Muskoka Initiative on Ma- ternal, Newborn and Child Health, to address major causes of mater- nal and child mortality such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, polio and other infections, low immunization cover- age of children, poor sanitation and low quality of pediatric care. INFECTIOUS DISEASES KNOWLEDGE TRAININGS HIV/AIDS ENERGY EDUCATION TUBERCULOSIS HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS FOOD AGRICULTURE MALARIA HYDROPOWER HEALTH MOTHER & CHILD HEALTH INVESTMENTS MARKETS ENERGY EFFICIENCY $46 M $4 M contributed in 2006–2009 for a comprehensive program aimed at capacity building of health sys- tems in CIS countries, enabling them to counter the threat of emerging diseases. contributed to the WHO's Global Malaria Program to support malaria interven- tion, which has already cov- ered over 1.5 million house- holds in Africa. $15 M contributed by Russia during the 2007–2009 period to strengthen malaria control activities through the World Bank's Malaria Booster Program's fi- nancial and technical support. --- -- ---- E $15 M $21 M allocated by Russia and the World Bank to reduce the negative impact of high and volatile food prices on the lives of the poor. provided in 2009–2012 to intensify research in the area of ne- glected tropical diseases in Africa and Central Asia. THE WORLD BANK © 2013 World Bank Group| More information about the “Russia as a Donor Initiative" is available on the World Bank's website at Working for a World Free of Poverty Infographics and charts are based on materials provided by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the World Bank Group. ENERGY FOOD

Russia's Development Assistance

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Russia has shaped it's own unique profile in addressing the key challenges of the poorest countries.



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