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Riding the Housing Market Roller Coaster

CRASH BOUNCE RIDING THE TRILLION DOLLAR HOUSING MARKET ROLLER COASTER 1'-0" During the five-year-long real estate crash, U.S. home values dropped by a combined 13'-9 $9,128,000,000,000 O (thaƄ's nine trillion) A big number for sure, but what does it mean? Let's put it into perspective. The U.S. housing market lost an amount equal to the annual GDP of China ... SALE Every good and service produced during one year ..and the U.K. combined. It created a hole that could have engulfed our neighbors' GDP for those five years ... ...or 13% of our 7.117 Trillion own. eoutput of 34 million Canadians or 11O That's 9.128 Trillion million Mexicans 4.998 Trillion USA 69.804 Trillion Still, these are large numbers. Let's bring it down to household scale. The housing crash took $70,000 on average out of every home owning household. If we split this into a monthly payment, over 56 months of the crash, home owning Americans have lost $1,375 each month. This is more than the average mortage payment in the U.S., $1,061. But the collapse is over, and perhaps it let some air out of the overinflated housing market. Well, those days are a fading memory, because in the nine months since the bottom of the market in November 2011, we have added, $3.2 trillion back to home values. That's almost $24,000 per home owning household. So, on average, your home's value has increased $2,700 per month in the nine months since November 2011. Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug 2$ 2$ That's a nice income, if you could bank on it. 19'-9 10-3" 4sale HEARTH As big as the crash was, we have already of it back. 4sale What does this all mean? 4sale The housing market is extremely volatile and moves in large boom and bust cycles. With this kind of complexity, and all the variations of local markets, it's clear that home- buyers and sellers should carefully choose a professional agent to help them navigate these roller coaster times. 4-0 REALESTATE.COM visual ly Source: U.S. Census,World Bank 4sale 4sale

Riding the Housing Market Roller Coaster

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During the five-year long real estate crash, US home values have dropped by over a combined $9 trillion.


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