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Red Commerce US SAP Salary Guide 2013

redcoMMERCE SAP Experts Delivered USA SAP SALARY GUIDE 2013 Red Commerce recently conducted a SAP salary survey amongst 1,194 employed and freelance SAP consultants living and working in the United States.* This infographic gives you an insight into the current SAP employment climate. WHERE THE MAJORITY OF RESPONDENTS ARE BASED NEW YORK 6.5% CALIFORNIA PRIMARY INDUSTRY: PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 12.5% Highest Salary: $160,000 - $179,000 Average Salary: $80,000 - $99,000 Lowest Salary: $60,000 - $79,000 PRIMARY INDUSTRY: HIGH TECH & IT Highest Salary: $180,000 - $199,999 Average Salary: $120,000 - $139,000 Lowest Salary: $100,000 - $119,000 TEXAS 14.4% NEW JERSEY 8.4% PRIMARY INDUSTRY: OIL & GAS ILLINOIS Highest Salary: $120,000 - $139,000 Average Salary: $100,000 - $119,000 Lowest Salary: $60,000 - $79,000 PRIMARY INDUSTRY: CONSUMER PRODUCTS 7.9% Highest Salary: $140,000 - $159,000 Average Salary: $120,000 - $139,000 Lowest Salary: Less than $40,000 PRIMARY INDUSTRY: GENERAL MANUFACTURING Highest Salary: $120,000 - $139,000 Average Salary: $100,000 - $119,000 Lowest Salary: $80,000 - $99,000 *Hawaii and Alaska not surveyed. FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT VS FREELANCE THE LARGEST GROUP OF RESPONDENTS 27.5% 24.6% EARN AN ANNUAL SALARY RANGING BETWEEN REPORTED AN HOURLY RATE RANGING BETWEEN $100,000 - $119,000 $101 - $120 HIGHEST: $140,000 - $159,000 HIGHEST: $161 - $180 per hour LOWEST: $60,000 - $79,000 LOWEST: $76 - $100 per hour 44.8% 58.03% of employed professionals would consider new full time opportunities. of freelance respondents are currently on a project. FREELANCERS ON A CURRENT ASSIGNMENT 47.5% 36.3% 8% 8% TRAVEL TO ANOTHER ARE BASED IN THEIR ARE SPLIT BETWEEN THE TWO WORK FROM HOME STATE FOR THEIR CURRENT HOME STATE ASSIGNMENT MALE/FEMALE CURRENT EMPLOYMENT POSITION 82.4% 17.5% 54% 31% 15% AMERICAN VISA HOLDERS GREEN CARD 54% of the survey respondents are American citizens, a third are VISA holders and the final 15% are Green Overall, more than three quarters of the SAP professionals (82.4%) are male, mostly aged between 35-44. Only 17.5% of SAP professionals are females. From the results in the survey we have found that both male and females earn the same amount with an average salary of $110,000 - $119,000. card holders. HOW MANY YEARS OF SAP EXPERIENCE DO YOU HAVE? OVER HALF OF THE SURVEY (53%) HAD 9 YEARS OR MORE EXPERIENCE. WOULD YOU LIKE TO RECENVE A FULL COPY OF THE SALARY SURVEY REPORT? Sign up at COMPANY & JOB CHARACTERISTICS /TYPE OF SAP COMPANY? 48.4% 42.4% 9.2% Work for companies that represent SAP-partner organisations. Are SAP customers. Work for a SÁP company. MAIN INDUSTRIES SAP PROFESSIONALS WORK IN 5. OIL & GAS 3. GENERAL MANUFACTURING 1. HIGH TECH & IT 4. CONSUMER PRODUCTS 2. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES (CONSULTING) EAST COAST / WEST COAST EARN UP TO $39,000 MORE WORKING IN ILLINOIS WITHIN THE GENERAL MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY, COMPARED TO THE SOUTH WHERE THE SALARY IS LESS THAN $100,000 A YEAR. WEST VS EAST IF YOU WORK IN CALIFORNIA WITHIN THE HIGHTECH & IT INDUSTRY YOU CAN EARN UP TO $60,000 MORE THAN WORKING IN GENERAL MANUFACTURING IN ILLINOIS. Hawaii and Alaska not surveyed. A SNAPSHOT OF SAP CONSULTANTS ACROSS AMERICA FREELANCE ABAP CONSULTANT FULL-TIME BI CONSULTANT FREELANCE FI CO CONSULTANT FULL-TIME SD MM CONSULTANT • 9+ YEARS EXPERIENCE • NEW JERSEY • MANUFACTURING EARNS: • 6-8 YEARS EXPERIENCE • CALIFORNIA • LOGISTICS INDUSTRY EARNS: • 4-5 YEARS EXPERIENCE • TEXAS • HEALTHCARE EARNS: • 1-3 YEARS EXPERIENCE • GEORGIA • HIGH TECH & IT EARNS: $70 - $80 P/H $100K - $119k $30 - $40 P/H $60k - $79K PRIMARY SAP KNOWLEDGE AREAS </> 32.4% 22.2% 17.2% 14.6% 12.2% SALES DISTRIBUTION & FINANCE & CONTROL ADVANCED BUSINESS BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SUPPLY CHAIN MATERIALS MANAGEMENT APPLICATION PROGRAMMING MANAGEMENT ADVANCING YOUR CAREER UPLOAD YOUR CV TO RED COMMERCE of the respondents OAn 6.1% 20% saw an increase of more than HAS YOUR SALARY INCREASED OR STAYED 11.7% THE SAME IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS? of the respondents saw an increase of between 65.9% 10-19% 34.1% 16.5% of the respondents saw an increase of between SAW AN INCREASE IN SALARY STAYED THE SAME 5-9% 31.5% of the respondents saw an increase of less than 5% OVERTIME PAYMENTS TT 51% OF PROFESSIONALS REPORT OVERTIME PAYMENTS 48% OF PROFESSIONALS WORK UP TO FIVE HOURS A MONTH UNPAID THE TOP FIVE BENEFITS OF A FULL-TIME EMPLOYEE PACKAGE 24 60.7% 60.1% 56.4% 55% 46% LAPTOP DENTAL PLAN HEALTH PLAN BONUSES LIFE INSURANCE DO YOU ANTICIPATE LOOKING FOR A NEW FULL-TIME JOB IN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS? 33% of those will be searching in the next 3 months. 75.5% WILL BE LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB IN THE NEXT 59.5% 12 MONTHS of respondents said they would be looking for a new job to improve their earnings and to further their promotion opportunities. redcoMMERCE Are you one of the 75.5%? SAP Experts Delivered Upload your CV now to

Red Commerce US SAP Salary Guide 2013

shared by redowood on Aug 13
Red Commerce recently surveyed 1,194 SAP professionals working for companies that represent SAP-partner organizations, SAP customers or working for an SAP company to help understand more about SAP sal...


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