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Recession Proof Yourself: A Millenial's Guide To Outperforming The Sluggish Economy

RECESSION PROOF YOURSELF A Millennial's Guide To Outperforming The Sluggish Economy Generation-Y did we go to school again? 7.9% of recent college 36.7%. of recent graduates are unemployed. grads are working in positions that don't require a degree. College majors with the highest unemployment College majors with the highest underemployment 14.7% 63% 12.8% 12.6% 11.4% 11.1% 57% 55% 54% 52% Information Architecture Anthropology Film, Video Political Systems Leisure and Agriculture Technologies Communi- Liberal and Science Hospitality and Natural cations arts Photography Arts Resources Though the US economy continues to recover, the $29.400: landscape for the class of 2014 is still grim. s the student loan debt of an average graduate. Total US student loan debt has overtaken total credit card debt - loan debt credit card debt Elons 5750 5530 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2012 2013 How to outperform the averages Despite the statistics, a college degree is still a big leg-up. 66 The real differentiator today is when students couple their Bachelor's or Master's degree with experience through career-related clubs, organizations, intemships, externships, projects, training, and/or individual/entrepreneurial work - ideally while earning their degree." | Median weekly earnings in 2013 |Unemployment rate in 2013 -Brian Brosko $1329 $1108 $777 $651 $472 High school diploma Less than high school diploma Associate's degree Bachelor's degree Master's degree 3.4% 4% 5.4% 7.5% 11% 66 In many, if not most industries, the bachelor's degree has become much like the high school diploma of twenty years ago. Following that, the Masters' becomes more a "requirement" (like the bachelor's degree used to be) rather than a distinguishing credential." -Dr. Graydon Dawson Moving into a growing industry can drastically increase your employability. Bureau of Labor Statistics' fastest growing industries 4.8% 4.4% 3.8% 3.5% 3.2% Individual and family care Home health Outpatient/lab /ambulatory care Managem ent/scientific /technical consulting Computer systems design care Even if a degree or career change seems impossible, most of the employability gap comes from skills shortages. How can I improve my skills? What are the job skills getting people hired? How do executives see the skills gap? in LinkedIn's Hottest Skills of 2013 1. Social Media Marketing 2. Mobile Development 36% 3. Cloud and Distributed Computing see a technical and computer skills gap 56% 4. Perl/Python/Ruby Statistical Analys is and Data Mining see a skills and leadership gap 6. User Interface Design 7. Digital and Online Marketing 8. Recruiting see no 9. Business Development/Relationship Management skills gap 10. Retail Payment a nd Information Systems Working on your technicalskills Network, online and off { htm > Free websites like Coursera, Codeacademy and Google Code University can broaden your learning horizons, and help show potential employers that you keep up-to-date with your education and professional development. 66% of MBA employers find new talent from employee referrals, and 53% hire from networking events. In 2013, 85% of 2013 MBA grads who used LinkedIn to conduct a job search succeeded in landing an offer. 66 While a Master's can help you get the job, it is people skills (versus quantitative, analytical skills) that actually contributes greater in getting the promotion, the raise, and enhancing one's upward mobility." -Dr. Graydon Dawson Take it to another level NETWORKING Networking is 100% essential in today's economy. To network effectively you need to do as much research as possible, have an end goal in mind, be fl exible, have a compelling yet straightforward message, continuously learn, offer help to others and be tenadous. People should focus on networking through the major social media to ols like Linkedln (especially), Facebook and Twitter and they can use these tools to refine or target their network or audience. Brian Brosko is the Director of Recruiting at Perfomics, Publicis Groupe's lead performance marketing agency. AUTHORITY Starting a blog is one of the bestways to become an authority. You can curate and link to useful articles, add your own comments and interview experts in your field. It's a great way to network, to o. Foaus on building experien ce and knowledge around the fields where you want to build your career. If you really love the field, then you'll enjoy that process - read everything aboutit and get to know the field's leaders. Kimberly Palmer is the author of The Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneurand Recession-Proof Your Life. ENTREPRENEURSHIP All students can greatly benefit from starting their own business - whether they do it before, during or after they complete their MBA. MNU's School of Business has partnered with the Kauffman FastTracTM program and we offer non-credit courses that help early entrepreneurs test the marketability of their business ideas and we help them put together their business plan. Dr. Graydon Dawson is the Chair of Graduate Studies in Management at MidAmerica Nazarene University. MIDAMERICA NAZARENE UNIVERSITY Sources: st-unem ployment/political-science-111-percent-unemployment htm l?id=217&url=/pressroom/pressreleases/pages/forms /allitems.a spx&templateurl=/AboutUs/pressroom/Pages/Press-release.aspx blog spx

Recession Proof Yourself: A Millenial's Guide To Outperforming The Sluggish Economy

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This infographic details the state of education, the economy and job prospects after graduation. It shows how degrees translate into income potential and the industries with the highest potential for ...


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