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Poverty in Manhattan: Two Manhattans

MARBLE HILL Ihwood Hill Park Broadway W 215th St Indian Rd Seaman Ave INWOOD Broadway Fort Fryon Park W 207th St- Payson Ave E Nagle Ave W 202nd St Sherman Ave W 192nd St W 190th St W 188th St WASHINGTON, W 184th St W 182nd St W 186th St Poverty in Manhattan Percent of People Living Below the Federal Poverty Level 41.8% – 81.7% HEIGHTS George Washington Br W 176th St W 172nd St W 170th St W 168th St w 166th St W 164th St E W 162nd St W 160th St W 158th St W 156th St 20.9% – 41.7% 155th St W 152nd St W 150th St W 148th St W 146th St W 153rd St W 151st St W 149th St W 147th St NYC 10.5% – 20.8% HAMILTON HEIGHTS W 137th St (20.9%) 0.0% – 10.4% 45th St Br 43/d-St W 141st St W 139th St W 135th St CENTRAL HARLEM MẠNHATTANVILLE W 132nd St E 132nd St W 127th St W 125th St W 130th St E130th St W 128th St E 128th St W 126th St E 126th St W 124th St 3rd Ave Br E 127th St W 123rd S MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS W 113th St E 125th St Marcus Garvey E 123 d St Park E 121st St E 119h St Randall's Island Park W 116th St E 117h St- Bth St E116th St E114th St FDR Dr W 110th St E 115th St W 108th St W 109th St Central Park N W 106th St W 104th St E 111th St E 112th St MANHATTAN VALLEY E 109th St E 110th St EAST E 106th St W 100th St HARLEM E 104th St E 102nd St E 103rd St E 101 E 99th S Wards Island Park W 97th St W 95th St W 93rd St W 91st St W 89th St W 87th St W 90th St E 96th St E 93rd St WEST SIDE CARNEGIE W 85th St W 83rd St Central Park HILL E 88th St E 91st St E 89th St E 87th St E 86th St W 80th St E 84th St E 85th St W 78th St E 83rd St UPPER EAST SIDE W 76th St E 82nd St W 74th St E 80th St W 70th St W 72nd St E 75th St E 73rd St E 76th St W 69th St W 66th St E 74th St E71st St LENOX HILL E 68th St E 66th St LINCOLN E 69th St SQUARE W 62nd St E 67th St W 59th SN 58th St Columbus Circle Central Park S W 60th St W 57th St W 55th St E 65th St E 63rd St E 64th St E 61st St SUTTON PLACE Queensboro Br E 53rd St W 49th St MẠNHATTAN E 51st St W 44th St Times Square& W 42ed St E 47th St W 41st St/ Lincoln Tun 48th St ČLINTON W 35th St W 33rd St MIDTOWN E 42nd St TURTLE BAY E 45th St W 40th St E 43rd St W 38th St W 36th St W 39th St E 40th St MURRAY HILL TUDOR CITY MIDTOWN W 31st St SOUTH W 29th St W 30th St ICPH E 33rd St E 31st St W 27th St W 28th St W 26th St W 25th St 3 E 29th St E 30th St W 22nd St W 24th St E 27th St USA – E 28th St Madison CHELSEA W 17th St W 15th St Square E25th S, E 23rd St E 26th St W 21st St Children, Poverty & Homelessness GRAMERCY E 20th St Institute for FLATIRON W 14th St Gansevoort St Jane St STUYVESANT TOWN Union a E 18th St Ave Square E 16th St W 12th St E 14th St Bank St E 11th St E 9th St Waverly PI E 12th St E 10th St WEST EAST VILLAGE E 11th St E 9th St E 13th St VILLAGE Barrow St W 3rd St E 6th St a E 4th St Leroy St E 3rd St W Houston St VILLAGE Prince St GREENWICH NOHO Stanton St Charlton St E Houston St Spring Holland Tun Rivington St LOWER Watts St S Vestry St SOHO EAST LITTLE ITALY * Delancey St Broome St Canal St 8 SIDE Williamsburg Br TRIBECA Grand St CHINATOWN E Broadway Franklin St Henry St CIVIC Water St Madison St Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2006-10 American Community Survey 5-year Estimates. Warren St Murray St CENTER Park Row nes Cherry St BATTERY PARK Liberty St FINANCIAL DISTRICT S Beaver St , CITY Water St South St Henry Hudson Pkwy Cabrini Blvd den St HenryHudson Pkwy St NickOrth st Nicholas Ave Audubon Ave Pkwy Wadsworth Ave Ft Washington Ave IS poo Claremont Ave Broadyay Riverside 12th Ave Riverside Dr 12th Ave Ams Av terdam vest End Ave West End * * Harem River Dr 11th Ave Broadway S S Broadway 11th Ave Amsterdam Aver 10th Ave gside Ave urst 10th Ave Columbus Ave Manhattan Ave 9th Ave Frederick Douglass Blvd Central Park W West St Central Park W S Nichol elas Ave Adam C Powell nox Ave West St Sth Ave Ave of the Americas 5th Ave Greenwich Hudson St W Broadway Varick S 5th Ave Madison Ave Sth Ave Madison Ave Madison Ave Park Ave Battery F Madison Ave Park Ave Madison Ave Park Ave Lexington Ave Park Ave Eoh St 78th St 3rd Ave exington Ave * 3rd Ave m Broadway Broadway Lafayette St sa Coope 3rd Ave 2nd Ave 3rd Ave Willis Ave Br 2nd Ave nd Ave Mott S 2nd Ave 1st Ave 2nd Ave 1st Ave 1st Ave st Ave 2 York Ave 5 FDR Dr Sutton PI FEnd Ave FDR DF Brooklyn Br Ave A West Rd ROOSEVELT ISLAND East Rd

Poverty in Manhattan: Two Manhattans

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A block by block assessment of the percentage of people living below the federal poverty line in New York City's Manhattan borough.


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