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Poverty in Hanoi

VIETNAM Capital of Vietnam HANOI Second largest city Vietnam has one of the highest urbanisation rate in Southeast Asia. The country is witnessing a speedy proliferation of urban areas, with 755 towns or cities. Planners estimate that Vietnam's cities will be home to more than 46 million people by the year 2020. The largest of these cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, are the growth engines of the country, supported by relatively low urban unemployment at 4.6%. URBANISATION GROWTH ACCESS TO WATER ACCESS TO SANITATION (in millions) 89% 93% 99% 67% 80% 94% 25.4 29.8 39.7 Urban Vietn Urban Urban Indonesia Urban Urban Urban Year 2009 Year 2014 Year 2024 Indonesia Philippines Philippines Vietnam VND 1,000,000 - US$50 This is what it costs for a person to survive a month in urban Hanoi. Since 1990, Vietnam has managed to reduce its poverty rate drastically, lifting millions of people out of poverty. 58.1% 14.5% If you are trapped within this income band, you will not qualify for government aid. Year 1990 Year 2008 HOWEVER, A NEW FORM OF POVERTY IS EMERGING IN HANOI. 54-R1 VND 653,000 - US$32.65 This is the monthly income cutoff to qualify for the "Poor List". 51-FB TO BE ON THE "POOR LIST" YOU MUST HAVE A RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS IN HANOI Subsidies POOR? Services available to Hanoi's poor are extremely limited and often inaccessible to those most in need. Free Migrants and seasonal workers, often the poorest in the city, are not eligible for the "Poor List", because they lack a Hanoi residential address. Microloans O healthcare The Hanoi government avoids slum upgrading and frequently raid illegal settlements to push the migrants out of the city limits and deny them a place on the "poor list". Other forms of government support SERVICE DEPRIVATION FOR MIGRANTS 15% of migrants find it more difficult to find good schools for their To get a microloan, you need to be on the "Poor List'". Migrants are children. excluded from this service and face difficulty sustaining their daily They acknowledge education as the key to overcome poverty and many are willing to offer bribes in income. ACCESS TO GOOD SCHOOLS FOR CHILDREN ACCESS TO MICROFINANCE To counter this, about 73.9% of our exchange for education places for respondents turn to private loans. their children. About 30% of the migrants find More than 50% of our respondents have difficulties paying for modern access to clean water very difficult or even impossible. Only about 9% of health treatments. As a result, they either self-medicate or do not seek the residents find access to clean treatment when they fall sick. water very difficult. ACCESS TO MODERN HEALTH TREATMENTS ACCESS TO CLEAN WATER One possible explanation is that the residents were able to live nearer to For those who can afford, 35% are dissatisified with the service quality of their local clinics. clean water sources, unlike migrants. ASIAN TRENDS EMONITORING

Poverty in Hanoi

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Vietnam has one of the highest urbanisation rate in Southeast Asia. Since 1990, it has managed to reduce its poverty rate drastically, lifting millions of people out of poverty. However, a new form of...


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