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Pot Stocks

BUZZ STOCKS CANNABES A multibillion-dollar industry is emerging, prices are on fire and pot stocks are too hot to ignore. And here's why: ALASKA WASHINGTON OREGON DC COLORADO $3,400,000,000 Have legalized the sale and recreational use of marijuana. Canada recently legalized medical This has led savvy investors cannabis and expects $3.4 billion a year in taxable sales over the next decade, to have cannabis stocks in their cross hairs. according to government estimates. HAWAII CALIFORNIA ARIZONA NEVADA MISSOURI MAINE MASSACHUSETTS As more states look to legalize, this blossoming industry is poised to flourish. LEGEND Medical Use Only 23 STATES Medical Use Only *; Primed for Recreational Legalization Many more states now have Medical * + Recreational Use medical marijuana companies Illegal forming. 3 TO WATCH #1 GW PHARMACEUTICALS GWPH THE STATS $120 GW PHARMACEUTICALS' Market Cap (11/14): $1,510,000,000 $110 ........................................ EDGE 1 Year Return: + 113.44% * $100 ..****** Sativex is a Sales in last 4 quarters: $ 476,000,000 $90 cannabinoid-based medicine that treats 80 spasticity in multiple $70 sclerosis patients, $60 approved in several $50 countries and is being researched for a $40 variety of other $30 applications. $20 S10 Stock chart from Dec 2013 to Nov 2014 Dec Jan 14 Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov #2 AMERICAN GREEN INC. ERBB THE STATS $0.1 Market Cap (11/14): $33,320,000 $0.10 AMERICAN GREEN INC.'S * 1 Year Return: +806.67% * $0.09 EDGE $0.08 ................ Brings a slightly different angle, developing fledgling $0.07 companies and product $0.06 ideas.Once those businesses are up and $0.05 running, American Green $0.04 Inc. will spin them off into their own publicly traded $0.03 companies to current $0.02 owners of ERBB stock. Stock chart from Dec 2013 to Nov 2014 Dec Jan 14 Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov #3 CANNABIS SCIENCE CBIS THE STATS $0.3 * Market Cap (11/14): $ 57,130,000 $0.28 CANNABIS SCIENCE'S * 1 Year Return: +103.77% * $0.26 EDGE $0.24 Intensely focused on $0.22 turning cannabinoids into prescription $0.18 medications. $0.16 Cannabis Science is $0.14 taking aim at HIV/AIDS $0.12 and cancer, with two $0.1 studies, both in $0.08 pre-clinical stages. Stock chart from Dec 2013 to Nov 2014 Dec Jan 14 Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov * Bloomberg MEASURING RISK In 2013, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority warned investors of marijuana stock scams. FINANCIAL INDUSTRY REGULATORY AUTHORITY Due to recent legalization, early industry experts may As regulations unfold with have been forced to gain their more states legalizing, the experience in the black industry is poised to continue market. legitimizing. Companies have limited History tells us that pump and financial history in any brand dump schemes may follow new industry. prohibition, but also that leaders of industry will emerge. Look out for both. PROHIBITION PARALLELS Consumption of alcohol skyrocketed following the end of Prohibition up until the 1950's. Many sources compare current marijuana legislation to Alcohol Prohibition. Many experts After prohibition, suggest marijuana will be federally legal within companies like the next decade. Therefore look for pump and Anheuser-Busch rose to dump schemes. Some private equity firms are massive heights. already poised to do the same in the cannabis industry, awaiting further legalization. Alcohol Prohibiton ended. 1933 1943-1944 1950'S One famous pump and dump took place. THE PERFECT PICK HEMP Vs. CANNABIS Vs. MEDICAL CANNABIS ............. Know what this difference means to a company's business now and in terms of future growth and where they can do business. Hemp products are Medical Marijuana is legal in Recreational cannabis is currently legal in all 50 23 states. only legal in 4. states. LOOK FOR OUTLIERS Seek out companies that Look for growth potential Keep an eye out for are doing something as 'blue chips' of this schemers. unique. industry establish themselves. LOOK FOR COMPANIES WITH REPUTABLE LEADERSHIP TIM TIMOTHYSYKES COM SOURCES: %23

Pot Stocks

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This infographic summarizes what you need to know about cannabis stocks and why investors have their eye on this blossoming industry.


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