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Pink Collar: Female Workers as a Percent of Total Employed in Selected Categories and Occupations, 2012

Transportation and Material Moving (I Flight attendants (21 Packers and packagers, hand (31 Bus drivers Pink Collar: (4) Supervisors of transportation and moving (51 Laborers and freight, stock, and movers (6) Cleaners of vehicles and equipment 7 Motor vehicle operators, all other C8) Taxi drivers (9) Parking lot attendants 101 Automotive and watercraft service attendants (11) Industrial truck and tractor operators (12) Refuse and recyclable material collectors s and chauffeurs 14) Driver/tatenductors and yardmasters (15) Aircraft pilots and flight engineers 16) Crane and tower operators 13) Railroad Female Workers as a Percent of s workers and truck drivers Total Employed in Selected Categories and Occupations, 2012 Computer and Mathematical (1) Operations research analysts (2) Database administrators (3) Web developers (4) Computer systems analysts 15) Computer support specialists (6) Network ar (7 Computer occupations, all other (8) Computer programmers (91 Software developers (11) Information Security Analysts 12) Computer network architects Architecture and Engineering CI Surveyors cartographers, and p (21 Architects, except naval (31 industrial engineers, including health and safety (4) Chemical engineers (5) Drafters puter systems administrators g technicians except drafters r hardware engineers compute (9) Civil engineers (9) Engineers, all other (10) Aerospace engineers (11) Electrical and electronics engineers (121 Mechanical engineers 13) Surveying and mapping technicians Healthcare Support (1) Medical transcriptionists (2 Dental assistants (3) Medical assistants (4) Nursing arapists Production Farming, Fishing, and Forestry 1 Graders and sorters, agricultural products (2) Miscellaneous agricultural workers (3) Supervisors of farming, fishing, and forestry Tailors dressmakers, and sewers Psychiatric, and home health aides 2 Sewing machine operators 3I Pressers testle garment, and related materiats (4 Food batchmakers S Bakers (G Laundry and dry-cleaning workers 1 Electrical electronics and electromechanical assemblers Installation, maintenance, and repair (1) Instrument and equipment repairers (2) industrial and refractory mechanics (3) Bus and truck mechanics (5) (6) Phlebotomists (7 Miscellaneous healthcare support occupations. (8) Physical therapist assistants and aides Protective Service 1 Crossing guards (2 Lifeguards and all other (3 Private detectives and investigators (4 First-line supervisors of protective service ISI Bali correctional officers and jailers 161 Detectives and crminal investigatori Security guards 18 Fiest-line supervisors of police and detectives 91 Police and shentfs patrol officers itos Firetighters a First-ine supervisors of fre fighting protective service I Packaging and hiling machine operators and tenders (9 Medical, dental, and ophthalmic laboratory technicians (10) Photographic process workers and processing machine operators (D Helpers-production workers U2) Miscellaneous assenblers and fabricators Construction and extraction Construction inecteon (2) Electicians (3) Brickmasons inspectors Personal Care and Service 100l 13) Inspectors testers sorters. samplers and weighers 114) Food processing workers all other (15) Production workers, all other (16 Butchers 1I Childcare workers IzI Hairdressers. hairstylists. and cosmetologists (3) Personal care aides (41 Miscellaneous personal 15) Nonfarm animal ca (6) First-line supervisors of personal service workers (2 Recreation and fitness workers (8) Residential advisors 191 Gaming services workers 110) Personal care and service workers, all other 111 Miscellaneous entertainment attendants (12) First-line supervisors of gaming workers (13) Tour and travel quides rs and other meat poultry, and hish processing workers -line supenvisors of production and operating workes appearance workers lakers (18) Metal workers and plastic workers, all other 19 Cutting workers (201 Cutting punching and press machine operators (21) Printing press operators Chemical processing machine operators 90 (22) (25) Painting workers 124) Crushing, grinding polishing micing and blending workers (25) Computer control programmers and operators (26) Stationary engineers and boiler operators (27) Welding soldering, and brazing nt operators (14) Baggage porters. bellhops, and concierges (15) Barbers gworkers (28 Water antwo (29) Machinists (301 Tocl and die makers wastewater Management aI Human resources managers (2) Social and community service managers 80 (3) Meane (4) Public relations and fundraising managers (SI Education administrators (6) Financial managers (7) Purchasing managers (8) Property and real estate managers (9) Advertising and promotions managers 10) Food service managers a11 Marketing and sales managers (12) Lodging managers 13) Administrative services managers (14) Managers, all other 15) General and operations managers 16) Chief executives 17 Computer and information systems managers (18) Farmers, ranchers, and agricultural managers (19) Industrial production managers (20) Transportation, storage, and distribution managers (21) Architectural and engineering managers (22) Construction managers A and health services managers 70 Healthcare Praetitioners and Techniciana ) Dental hygienists ndoroed abenturispaods t vocational nurses ESI Licensed practical an (4) Occupational therapstE 5) Dietitiang and nutritionists (6 Registered nurjes Medical records technicians 50 Nurse practitoners 9 Health practitioner support techmicans (10 Therapis all other I Diagnostic related technicians Clinical laboratory technicians D Physical therapists 14 Physician assstants 15I Respiratory therapists 16 Opticians ditpensing (17) Veterinarians d8i Pharmacists 19 Phyticians and surgeons 20 Emergency medical technicians 21 Dentists 22 Chiropractors 40 Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance (1) Maids and housekeeping cieaners (2) Supervisors of janitorial w (3) Janitors and building cleaners (4) Supervisors of landscaping and groundskeeping (5) Grounds maintenance workers (6) Pest control workers Education, Training, and Library (1) Preschool and kindergarten teachers (2) Teacher assistants (3) Librarians (4) Special ed (5) Elementary and middle school teachers (6) Other education, training, and ibrary workers (7 Other teachers and instructors (8) Secondary school teachers (9) Postsecondary teachers Life, Physical, and Social Science 1) Psychologists (2) Miscellaneous social scientists (3) Medical scientists l education teachers (4) Biological scientists (5) Chermists and materials scientists (6) Physical scientists all other () Chemical technicians (8 Environmental scientists Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Miscellaneous media and communication workers (t) Public relations specialists (2) Writers and authors (3) Technical writers (4) Designers (51 Photographers (6) Artists and related workers (7) News analysts, reporters and correspondents (9) Producers and directors (101 Athletes, coaches, umpires, and related workers (1) Musicians, singers, and related workers (12) Announcers (13) Television, video, and movie camera operators (14) Broadcast and sound engineers and radio operators (15) Office and Administrative Support 1I Secretaries and administrative assistants (2) Payroll and timekeeping clerks (31 Receptionists and information clerks (4) Bling and posting clerks (5I Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks 16) Word processors and typists 7 Tellers 18) Library assistants, clerical (9) Interviewers, except eligibility and loan 10) Office clerkS, general 111 Human resources assistants 1121 Insurance claims and policy processing clerks (13) Eligibility interviewers. government programs 14) File clerks Sales and Related Models, demonstrators. and product promoters (1) Travel agents (2H Cashiers (3) Door-to-door sales workers, news and street vendors (4) Real estate brokers and sales agents (5) Counter and rental clerks (6) Telemarketers (7) (15) Loan interviewers and clerks (16) Information and record clerks, all other (17) Office and administrative support workers. all other 181 Court, municipal, and license clerks (191 Data entry keyers (201 Bill and account collectors (21) First-line supervisors of office workers 122) Financial clerks, all other (23) Customer service representatives (24) Hotel, motel, and resort desk clerks (25) Dispatchers (26) Reservation and transportation ticket agents 127) Order clerks (28) Production planning, and expediting clerks (29) Computer operators (301 Postal service clerks (311 Weighers, measurers checkers, and samplers (32) Postal service mail sorters (33) Mail clerks and mail machine operators (34) Postal service mail carriers (35) Stock clerks and order filers 36) Shipping, receiving, and traffic clerks (37) Couriers and messengers 70 Sales and related wodiesperso19 Advertising sales agents (10) Insurance sales agents (11) First-line supervisors of retail sales workers (12) Sales representatives. services, all other (13) , commodities, and financial services sales agents (14) Sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing (15I First-line supervisors of non-retail sales workers (16) Parts salespersons (17) all Securities 80 90 Community and Social Service Socal workers (t) Social and human service assistants (2) Miscellaneous social service specialists (3) Counselors (4K Directors religious activities and education (5) Religious workers all other (6) Probation ofhcers 17) Ciergy Legal Occupations Paralegals and legal assistants () Judges magistrates and other judicial workers (2) Lawyers (3 1 Serving Related Hosts and hostesses, restaurant, lounge, and coffee shop ) Waiters and waitresses (2) Counter attendants, cafeteria, concession, and coffee shop (3) Food servers, nonrestaurant (4) Combined food preparation and serving workers (5) Bartenders (6) First-line supervisors of food preparation workers (7) Food preparation workers (8) Dining room and cafeteria attendants (9) Cooks (10) Chefs and head cooks (11) Dishwashers (12) Food Preparation and : Business and Financial Operations Compensation analysis specialists (1) Fundraisers (2) Meeting. convention, and event planners (3) Human resources workers (4) Insurance underwriters (5) Claims adjusters and investigators (6) Tax examiners and collectors, and revenue agents (7) Accountants and auditors (8) Tax preparers (9) Credit counselors and loan officers (10) Training and development specialists (1) Purchasing agents (12) Market research analysts and marketing specialists Budget analysts (14) Compliance officers (15) Appraisers and assessors of real estate (16) Management analysts (17) Financial analysts (18) Logisticians 191 Personal financial advisors (201 Cost estimators (21)

Pink Collar: Female Workers as a Percent of Total Employed in Selected Categories and Occupations, 2012

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A data visualization depicting female workers as a percent of total employed in selected occupational categories and occupations for the United States in 2012. The design utilizes a shift of scale and...


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