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Overcrowded cities in Asia

Key Dimension 3 Urban Water Security To develop vibrant, livable cities and towns Many of Asia's cities are becoming overcrowded, yet continue to attract more people. The challenges faced by Asia's cities will therefore grow in scale and complexity. There is underinvestment in areas of public Infrastructure and utilites, especially wastewater treatment. In addition, existing water resources are becoming overdeveloped. Urban Water Security by Subregion (population-weighted) World Cities occupy 2% of the world's land, use 75% of its resources, and generate up to 80% of gross domestik product. More than half the world's slum dwellers live in Asla. Index Contral and West Asla 01.6 East Asla 02.0 Pacific 01.8 South Asla 01.0 Asia and 016 South East Asia Advanced Economlos 029 the Pacific Wastewater isoften released into rivers, lakes and groundwater untreated or only partially treated. Challenges Increasing urban water security will require investments in South Asia infrastructure, capacity development, and education about water and wastewater issues in the As little as 22% of wastewater discharges are treated in South Asla, making ita hot spot for the growth of livable cities. region's rapidly growing cities and towns. Actions to be Taken Adopt Corporate-style governance to improve urban water and wastewator services. Encourage utilities to make urgent investments to reduce non-revenue water. IIncrease wastewater treatment and control wastewater discharge. Reversing the trends for increasing pollution of water bodies is essential to protect the public health and economicgrowth. Vision Centralize flood management and integrate investments in infrastructure with land and water management strategies and comprehensive urban planning. Societies can enjoy urban water security when they successfully manage their water resources and services to develop vibrant, livable cities and towns.

Overcrowded cities in Asia

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The challenges faced by Asia’s cities will therefore grow in scale and complexity. There is underinvestment in areas of public infrastructure and utilities, especially wastewater treatment. In addit...


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