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Our Donations to Charity. What, Who and Why?

THE BIŁ£IONS WE GIVE TO CHARITY Our donations - What, Who and Why Explore the figures behind the £9.3 billion donated to British charities in the last year ... TOP FIVE CHARITABLE CAUSES HOSPITAL Medical Religious Research Hospitals Children Overseas 17% 15% 15% 11% 10% WHO IS DONATING TO CHARITY 4 58% 14 65+ 152% 445-64 16-24 Women (58%) are more likely to give to charity than Men (52%). Women aged 45-64 Young adults aged 16-24 are the least and those above 65 are the groups most likely to likely to give to charity. give to charity. WHY DO PEOPLE DONATE? 83% of donors only give because they are asked. 60% cited the impact of a charity's work as a deciding factor in their Over 25% felt that fundraising campaigns influenced their decision to donate. decision. Three in ten people were moved to donate because of a funding crisis facing some charities. IN MEMORY A personal connection to a cause motivates people to raise money or donate. My mum HOW ARE PEOPLE DONATING? Donating with cash is the most common method, used by half of all donors (collection tins). Direct debit accounts for the largest share of total donations, representing almost a third of the overall amount given. Cheques and cards are typically the favoured means for larger donations (£20+). Some organisations have seen as much as a 40% increase in donations as a result of being on sponsorship websites. Action Now enables smart phone users to make an ACTION NOW instant, secure donation to charity by simply scanning a QR code. HOW MUCH ARE PEOPLE DONATING? 45%) The average amount that people donate has fallen from £1l to In the last statistical year, 7% of donors gave 45% of the total amount given to charity comes from of people who donate over £100 per month. £10 in the past 12 more than £100 months. per month. brought to you by post Sources the-English.html charitable-giving/

Our Donations to Charity. What, Who and Why?

shared by elwellington on Aug 14
In 2012, kind-hearted Brits donated around £9.3 billion to numerous charitable causes, with hospitals and medical research institutes among the biggest beneficiaries. On average, donors contributed...


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