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Ontario Nonprofit Sector

ONTARIO NONPROFIT SECTOR ........................ .................... Creating Vibrant Communities Engaging Ontarians People Working in the Sector People Served by the Sector Almost 1 Million Ontarians are employed in the sector. More than a quarter of all sector organizations in Canada are in Ontario. Employees in Ontario organizations Full-time 530,615 Nonprofit and voluntary organizations in Ontario 46,000 Part-time 428,063 1 Organization O FOR EVERY Volunteers in the Sector 293 People in Ontario Ontario enjoys the largest volunteer population in Canada. Volunteers in Ontario 5,000,000 δό ό ό ό όό ό ό ό ό ό όδ ό ό ό ό ό ό ό ό ό ό ό The number of volunteers in Ontario is close to the total population of the province's 5 largest municipalities ONTARIO Toronto δόδό δ όδ ό ό ό ό δ όδδ ό ό ό όδ δ δ ό ό ό δόδ ό ό όδό ό ό ό ό όδδ ό ό ό δό δ ό ό ό δόόόδ όδό ό ό ό ό όδδ ό ό ό όδδ δ ό ό ό Ottawa Mississauga Brampton Hamilton 6 Out Of 10 0ntarians Volunteer Volunteer Contribution Ontario ranks third in the percent of the regional population who volunteer. Ontario volunteers contribute their time to the sector. Total hours provided by volunteers in Ontario in 2007 Percent of population who volunteer in each region in Canada 811 Million 89% Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Territories The total volunteer hours is equivalent to 422,000 full-time jobs (assuming 40 work hours/week, 48 weeks/year) 79% Alberta A 63% Ontario 59% Quebec 44% Atlantic Provinces" AO 36% British Columbia * Includes New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland = 100,000 jobs Impacting Daily Life How Many Areas Are You Involved In? The activities of nonprofit and voluntary organizations are extensive in scope touching the lives of most Canadians. Religion Congregations including churches, synagogues, temples, monasteries. 23.0% Sports & Recreation Amateur sport, wellness centres, recreational facilities, Rotary & Lions clubs. 16.4% Кey: Grant-making, Fundraising & Volunteerism Promotion Grant foundations, lotteries, volunteer recruiting programs. Primary Activity Organizations working in the activity 11.9% 5.0% Percent of organizations in Canada with primary activity Social Services Child services, daycare, youth centres, family services, food banks. in this area 11.4% Development & Housing Infrastructure building, home building, rural development assistance, housing associations, job training programs. 9.3% Arts & Culture Radio and TV stations, newspapers, performing arts centres, museums, zoos and more. 7.6% Education & Research Vocational schools, medical and science research, continuing education, social science studies. 5.1% Business & Professional Associations & Unions ... Farmers associations, medical and bar associations, labour unions. 4.8% Health Mental health treatment, public health promotion, family planning services, ambulatory services. 2.5% Law, Advocacy & Politics Advocacy organizations, civil rights associations, ethnic associations, legal services, political parties. 2.3% Environment * Natural resources conservation and protection, animal shelters and societies, recycling programs, animal hospitals. 2.1% Organizations Not Elsewhere Classified 1.7% International Exchange programs, disaster and relief 1 0.9% anizations, human rights and peace organizations. Hospitals - Inpatient medical care and treatment, nursing homes, residential care, psychiatric hospitals. 10.5% Universities & Colleges Universities, business management schools, law and medical schools. I 0.4% Generating Revenue S 300,000.00 50 100 ......................... Top Revenue Sources Ontario organizations rely heavily on government and earned income for revenue generation. Percentage of Provincial Revenue Coming From Each Source Government 45% 100 Earned Income 36% Gifts & Donations 15% Other Income 4% OIL Contributing To Economic Wellbeing Contributing More Than Auto Manufacturing and Retail Industries Growing More Than The Economy The Canadian nonprofit sector contributes more to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) than other key industries. The GDP is the value of all goods and services produced in Canada. The economic activity in the nonprofit sector outpaces that of the total Canadian economy. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), 2006 $ Millions Cumulative GDP Growth, 1997 to 2007 % change 97.5% Motor Vehicle Manufacturing $5,967 84.6% 75.6% Agriculture $13,591 Excludes Accommodation & Food Services $29,641 Core Nonprofit - excludes + $35,589 Retail Trade $75,276 Total Overall Core Economy Nonprofit Nonprofit Mining, Oil & Gas Extraction $86,429 Overall Nonprofit $100,696 Sources: Satellite Account of Non-profit Institutions & Volunteering, 2007 (2009), Statistics Canada | The Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector in Ontario - Regional Highlights of the National Survey of NonProfit and Voluntary Organizations (2006). Katherine Scott, Spyridoula Tsoukalas, Paul Roberts, David Lasby | Cornerstone of Community: Highlights of the National Survey of NonProfit & Voluntary Organizations (2003), Statistics Canada | 2007 Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering, and Participating - Giving & Volunteering in Ontario (2010). Lindsay Vodarek, David Lasby, Brynn Clarke | Canada Council of Social Development A partnership between Ontario Nonprofit Network ( and KAP Design (

Ontario Nonprofit Sector

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Working in consultation with the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN), KAP created an engaging infographic to support the ONN's advocacy initiatives. The goal was to raise awareness for people working in t...


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