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#OCCUPY 88 DAYS OF PROTESTS & $13MILLION SPENT The Occupy Movement started on September 17, 2011 in Zuccomi Park in New York City. Since then the movement has spread globally as the 99% pushes forward in their aim to make the govemment realize that they have been treated unfairy. While cach different protest has it's own specific gools, they seem to be united in their efforts to fuel an orgnic movement and make their voices heard. It's been known for years that the majority of wealth is controlled by 1% of the country, and now people are taking a stand against that. This infographic takes a look at the protests in the US with the most participants, as well as breaking down who the 99% is and what they beleve in. WHERE ARE THE PROTESTS? IIMMIIAAWAIILSTREEI STARTED VINII ITHHIIPYTH:IIHAHI STARTED OVII PROTESTERS: B0O0 MUMBER OF ARRESTS: 300 ITHHII:OSON STARTED 9001 PRITESTERS 10.000 & HOW POPULATED ARE THEY? PROTESTERS 30000 NUSLR OF ARESTS 220 MUMBER OF ARRESTS: 1430 11111111 ФФФФФФФФФФ ittittiitt ФФФФФО IIHHIISAl: STARTED: 10 PRITESTERS S0O0 NUISER OF ARRESTS: 110 Ффофоф ФФФфофоФфо IMHPOANLANI STARTER 1010i PROTESTERS 0om NUBER OF ARRESTS: 190 STARTEO: 10VI I PROTESTERS. 1ncn NUMBER OF AIESTS: 120 + = 1,000 PEOPLE @= 100 ARRESTS WHO IS THE 99%? & WHAT DO THEY BELIEVE? $25, 00- $19,000 CaEem.cmm 12.3% BELOW 2.9% 23 LESS THAN FULL TIME PART TIME 19.9% GRACUATE S24000 COLLEE 60 6% SCHOOL MORE THAN 29.5% 48.% S00.000 OHER 20.% 30.2% BO%: RICH SHOULD PAY HIGHER TAXES 88%: CEO SALARIES 93%: STUDENT LOANS INCOME EMPLOYMENT STATUS EDUCATION LEVEL SHOULD BE LIMITED SHOULD BE FORGIVEN REPUBLICAN 24% UNDER 24 DEMOCHAT 27.4 23. 4% 25-4 PEMALE 39% NALE 446% INDEPENDENT стнгR 61% ONER 45 32% 98% INSURANCE COMPANIES MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY 32.5%. GOVT WILL MANAGE AGE GENDER POLITICAL AFFILIATION 98%: FREE HEALTHCARE HEALTH CARE POORLY .npet/.i ta coo.aN


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