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Obama vs. Romney Black Card Bills

Ba-RACKING up the charges Rmoney VS A Peek at the Presidential Nominees' Credit Card Bills Sure, you know what's on your credit card bill: take-out, a new pair of shoes, that trendy workout machine you saw on an infomercial.... But what about the presidential nominees? What do they spend their money on? While their actual credit card bills might be confidential, we can make some educated guesses. Here's what might appear on their monthly statements: Centurion from American Express AMERICAN EXPRESS Cent fro America Prepared for MITT ROMNEY 3763 9532 2465 11/12 MITT RONNET repared for BARACK OBAMA Activity August 2012 Presidential Campaign Costs August 2012 Safeway Hot dogs, meatloaf cakes AMERICAN EXPRE35 $66,000,000.or Activity August 2012 Presidential Campaign Costs August 2012 Nicorette Gum 100 ct. Box 3763 5845 5128 5631 $15.00 11/12 $83,200,000.00 BARACK OBAMA $77,000.00 The Acres' training facility Rafalca's yearly expenses $39.98 $3.50 Bailey's Bubble -- Wolfeboro, NH Large Ice Cream Dick's Sporting Goods Spalding NBA Basketball Travelocity Hawaiian vacation package Black Forest Berry Honest Tea One case Hawaii Deapartment of Health 2 copies - Certificate of Live Birth н&м for 12 hour road trip (priceless amount of shaming from PETA) $39.99 $3.49 If he'd removed himself from the running, he could' Safeway Over The Moon chocolate milk $4,113,038.00 $6.40 gone on 20 more Hanaian vacations with all that Angust campaign money!" PetSmart Car top kennel straps $22.13 $10.00 2 Temple Garments $61.85 CERTIFI $1,940,000.00 IRS 2011 federal taxes (rate of 14.1%) "David Beckham' underwear $14.95 $1,000.00 BARACK Neiman Marcus J. Mendel jacket Loan guaranteenow Paid to Solyndra Cayman National Bank Non-resident deposit - new account CERTIFI $6,800 $7.99 for Michelle $535,000,000.00 Barnes & Noble Battlefield Earth by L.Ron Hubbard BARACK bankrupt $13.99 Barnes & Noble Honolulu ITunes Battle Born by The Killers used to be his favorite novel Toni Morrison - Song of Solomon his favorite novel $15.00 kapielani Maternity ovnment- Mail to Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump iTunes REM's "best of" album $11.99 Declined Purchases AN New national debt since January 20, 2009 ANLET $5,400,000,000,000.00 Ouchl This is bad Nearly a 50% increase for credit rating... תו7כSU,0,6506588.story|168/Barack-Obama-The-50-facts-you-might-not-know.html iTunes.,0,6506588.story CreditCardForum For Consumers. By Consumers. THE BESEREMA+

Obama vs. Romney Black Card Bills

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Here's what you can expect to find on the credit card bills of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.


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