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Net Neutrality Timeline

lobby nomics Net neutrality throughout the years (Nov. 2010) OLPPIGS 1770's 203T US Continental Congress establishes a Post Office. Benjamin Franklin, the first Post Master, is instructed to ensure messages are transmitted to the destination of originators' choice, without being intercepted, read or rerouted while in transit. 1860's US Congress qualifies the Telegraph as a common carrier and requires it to transmit messages securily, in the order received, accurately and without discrimination. Telephone companies, such as Bell launched in 1877, are deemed "voice telegraph" and thus also enter the market as "common carriers". T176,415 940 1981 Iarenr SRE UTAM 174465 PDP 10 Jerome H. Saltzer, David P. Reed, and David D. Clark publish a conference paper entitled "End-to-end arguments in system design", which highlights the key principle at the core of design of the Internet since its creation. 360 UCSA Signe7 UCLA THE ARPA NETWORK 1999 PEC 1969 DARPA DARPA DCA DARPA DCA NSF FNC/CCIRN/COMM'L IAB ICCB IAB IAB IETF Werbach publishes his analysis of the problems of ISP gatekeepers and paid controlled access in response to AT&T/MediaOr Lemley/Lessig concur in a joint paper, published in 2001. IAB ARPANET WG IRTF Internet WG IRG IETF IETF TFs ICB IRTF IRTF W3C and AOL/TimeWarner mergers. ISOC 1968 1980 1986- 1993 -1996 ARPANET Demonstrated ARPANET Transition To TCP/IP A Internet Society Founded Many Thousands of Everything TCP/IP Invented Wi dely Used NSI - net Initiated ARPANET World Wide Web 2003 First Gateway MI LNET/ARPANET Split Mul ti-Protocol Environment Operational Networks On Internet 3 20 60 300 900 19,000 50,000 Law professor Tim Wu presents a paper on “Network Neutrality, Broadband Discrimination," at the Silicon Flatirons conference in Boulder, Colorado. Wu's paper is believed to be the first use of the term. It is then used in a letter by Wu and Lessig to the FCC. Tìm Wu Associate Professor University of Virginia School of Law Lawrence Lessig Professor of Law Stanford Law School August 22, 2003 2004 EX PARTE Ms. Marlene H. Dortch Secretary Federal Communications Commission 445 12th Street, S.W Washington, D.C. 20554 FCC Chairman Michael Powell introduces the "Four Freedoms", or 4 core principles of net neutrality. In 2005, these will be the basis of the FCC's Internet Principles Order with a major caveat for "reasonable network management". Re: Ex Parte Submission in CS Docket No 02-52 Dear Ms. Dortch: In a series of comments and ex parte letters submitted over the last year in the above-captioned matter, various interested parties have addressed the desirability of a "network neutrality" regime for cable broadband. On November 18, 2002, the Coalition of Broadband Users and Innovators submitted a short letter arguing that "Iglovernment must ensure that transmission network operators do not encumber relatio their customers and destinations on the network." The National Cable & Telecommunications Association ("NCTA"), meanwhile, has submitted December 10, 2002, and February 21, arguing that regulation is unnecess 2005 com st. ARMER OF CONTENFORAN US Madison River Case re blocking of Vonage VolP revealed. at ISSUES AT&T (then SBC) CEO Ed Whitacre: "What they [Google, Vonage, and others] would like to do is to use my pipes free. But l ain't going to let them do that....Why should they be allowed to use my pipes?" (Business Week, November 7, 2005) What you should know about Comcast's David Cohen coins the famous "network neutrality is nothing more than a solution in search of a problem." (Congressional Quarterly, November 11, 2005) NET NEUTRALITY 2006 ATADA In Canada, cable company Shaw asks for 10USD fee to TELCO $29.95 CINAD users wishing to use VolP. Vonage complains. ADSL MMVII Includes 500 MB of thee transfen to non-peering webites at u speed Limted to 128 kbos thireater. Your emal. Yautworld wide web. Your imagnation Google YAHOO! SEARCH Bing W WORDPRESS.COM Blogger Ask $5 2007 pathfinder flickr You Tube Includesamaseve etra 1000 M8 amon non-peering sndnon-elected wHO Lmted to 250 kbps t boadcast Yoursel BaiEE Яндекс т. OF ARMER $5 HakgercA ece WEB.DE BBC indiatimes US Comcast Case re BitTorrent throttling comes to light. news. * coma international Inckdesthe top 200sevices from over o countries UNITED digg The New Jork Times semsnbc THE WALL STREET JOURNAL CNN Los Angeles Times FOX NEWS $5 2008 THE HUFFINGTON POST News Freak? Get your fix. Indudes free onine access to your local news site You Tube + hulu tvecom +. Broadcast Younell Joose NETFLIX ESPT $10 hollywood $15 atar Seprembe TES OF A Inckades free Hulusubsoiption. Enjoy exclsive content from your favourte networks US Comcast found in breach by FCC, appeals the decision. Incumbent A UNITE 40% Altnet 1 A PAltnet 2 A Altnet 3 A Incumbent B Altnet 1B Incumbent C Altnet 1C Altnet 2 C OPIncumbent D OAltnet 1 D 30% 2009 20% 10% 0% H 2004 -10% 2006 2007 2005 2008 PIncumbent E PAltnet 1 E PAltnet 2 E O-Incumbent F Vodafone Italy puts in place P2P and VolP caps on mobile Internet traffic in Italy. T-mobile in Germany announces it will block Skype, then un-blocks against 10 EUR monthly fee subscription. Vodafone Germany follows suit with 5 EUR fee. In both cases, this is a separate fee from the mobile Internet subscription already paid by users. -20% -30% -O-Altnet 1 F X-Incumbent G EURO ANROFTAT -40% XAltnet 1G *-Incumbent H -50% X-Altnet 1 H OIncumbentI TOIND -60% OAltnet 11 Figure 1.2: Benchmark of Incumbent and competitive operator EBIT margins [Source: Operator data, Annual reports, Telegeography] EU adopts the revised Electronic Communications Package, which comprises some provisions re choice of users, transparency and minimum QoS. The Norwegian and Canadian regulators adopt non-binding guidelines, respectively in January and October. Julius Genachowski of the FCC sets out 2 additional principles (non-discrimination & transparency) to add to the 4 existing ones, and proposes to apply them to fixed and mobile. Source: Analysys Mason-2010 Cable ither Cable adband - orings Phone Phone Total Capacity of end user broadband "pіpo" Closad Servicea Closed Services pen ernet 2010 Source: In France, all mobile operators block Skype. SFRalso blocks P2P, VolP and newsgroups on iPads according to its T&Cs. In France, ISP Free restricts P2P, SSH and VolP on ADSL. UROPE Iceland UNION In Sweden, ISP Telenor excludes IP-telephony from some of itS mobile broadband Berec (European regulator) reports cases of P2P and video- streaming throttling in France, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, the UK + blocking or charging extra for VolP by mobile operators in Austria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Romania. packages. Finland Sw Norway Estonia Latvia Denmark Lith Ireland therlands Unit Kingdom Belarus Pui In the US, the Courts issue a decision in the Comcast case that states that the FCC did not have the power to stop Comcast from interfering with consumers' access to BitTorrent and other P2P services. The Net neutrality debate starts again. In the EU, Telefonica's Spanish CEO Alierta states in February that search engines should pay to use his network, a statement more or less repeated by Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao. ARCEP in France hints at co-regulatory approach, whilst Ofcom in the UK seems to go for "transparency solves all", a view seemingly supported by UK Minister Ed Vaizey. EU Commissioner Kroes issues conflicting messages, stating users should have choice but that it is too early to intervene. In the US, the FCC is rumored to act before Xmas. Belgium Ukraine Czech Rep Luxembourg Slovakia Moldova н Switzerland Sleveniacro Romania Liechtenst Bosnia Serbia and Herzegovina Portugal Italy Bulgaria Spain Macedonia GI Montenegro Albania Your internet Your choice EBIT margin (%) TATES UNITED STATES ERIC

Net Neutrality Timeline

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As Net Neutrality seems to be all over the place at the moment, we considered it couldn’t hurt to put together a summary timeline of the Net neutrality debate. It is obviously not exhaustive and bia...




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