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Nepal – Land of the mountain gods

NEPAL'S MERCHANDISE TRADE LAND OF THE MOUNTAIN GODS 8,000 7,000 6,130.6 7.295.7 5,173.2 6,000 5,000 When one thinks of Nepal, the first thing that comes to mind is the Mount Everest. In fact, mankind's fascination to climb the Everest is perhaps the only reason why people from all over the world throng this landlocked nation. Interestingly, it's also one of its biggest sources of foreign exchange. However, when it comes to trade and economics, there's nothing much thunderous about this little mountainous nation 4,000 2,100. 2361 3.000 1,333.0 1,487.7 2,000 910.8 632.2 703.2 1,000 684.9 616.1 773.4 969.9 783.5 819.6 664.8 CY2005 CY2006 CY2007 CY2008 CY2009 CY2010 CY2011 CY2012 CY2013 CY2014 O IMPORTS OEXPORTS USA JAPAN 92.3/36.3 • 16.1/33.s As you would expect, Nepal is highly dependent on imports and, hence, runs a pretty large merchandise trade deficit, considering the size of its economy Everest tourism, repatriation from expats and aid from countries like Inda balance this huge defiat FRANCE CHINA 46.8/2,283.2 19.9/21.0 Sou aonal a Cere foeior or GERMANY HONG KONG 18/0 200.7 35.4/34 NEPAUS TOP TRADING PARTNERS TURKEY 17.4/021.0 INDIA'S TOP EXPORTS Phpryte 4 55.0 THAILAND 0.9/ 58.0 TO NEPAL 33.2 Spors totar SINGAPORE 4.5/96. 24.8 23.2 18.7 Comptt prta itw INDIA s60.7/e41934 608.9 High speed diesel When it comes to trade, Nepal is heavily dependent on India. although its trade with China is also rising by the day J g b . 230.9 Heuitied petroleum gases and gašeous hydrocarbbons naly (18 SWGatheer Oter NEPAL'S TOP EXPORTS TO INDIA •EXPORTS IMPORTS Souoe intemationa Tad Cente br Cr4llon 224.3 Mid steel billets Singe ng moe ol pott 21.0 21.5 26.2 31.1V Lagaonum 156.4 Other petroleum oils and preparations NEPAL'S TOP TRADES EXPORTS IMPORTS 147.9 Parboiled rice 104.8 der Nepal's exports to India account for a minuscule share of India's total imports and comprises a bit of metal items, footwear, fruits and nuts Numeg mace and cardanom Shawts scarves, mufers, marlas N 1 Foctwear of tetle mat upper ites, ppes and holow profes of ion 112.1 117.1 Tshirts, singlets and other vests Anted or oocheted inerought sver or sen manlaed fom 105.1 Aviation turbine fuel 24.9 1374 Sa Mtyaf Ca Got 28.6 1785 IBecrical apparatan or ine ephony Semi nshed products of iron or 88.4 Motorcyele of eylinder e 21.0 220.1 capacity 76 cc 26 ce INDIA-NEPAL MERCHANDISE TRADE Rt roled products o ono on aloyed seel of 40.7 248.1 non alloy steel Men's suts, ackets, bousen Men's overcoats, pes wind jackets width 00 mm dat plated poted Adices of plastic Yan of syitutic stale pot put up for retal sale Caph and other tedie feor cerng noted Non alcohol beverages and jcen 5000 68.4 Medicaments containing 258.2 While India-Nepal trade has almost always been in favour of the former, the aference has surged in the last few years, which has actually created a bit of resentment in Nepal 4.000 Peesleum gases IMen's ats ackets, boue or gotute 200.1 Arited a onchete Petrleum os rot cude 65.0 Electrical energy 3000 70.5 360 INDIAS EXPORTS TO NEPAL 2.000 Sheets of flat relled iron and 49.7 steel produets of thickness <0.6 mm 2.7 3344 1.000 NEPALSEXPORTS TO NDIA Nepal's mountainous terrain doesn't permit the production of a lot of stut. Its exports are cottage industry based tems Nepal is dependent on imports for almost everything, trom food grains to clothes, from petrol diesel to mobile phones The landiocked country's main imports from India are high speed desel, LPG and other gaseous hydrocarbons Froe FYOTProe FYO FYto FY11 FY12 FY13 PY1 FY1S Inenathonel 日

Nepal – Land of the mountain gods

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When one thinks of Nepal, the first thing that comes to mind is the Mount Everest. In fact, mankind’s fascination to climb the Everest is perhaps the only reason why people from all over the world t...


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