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Negative Items and Suzy’s Credit Report

NEGATIVE ITEMS AND SUZY'S CREDIT REPORT Many people are victimized by unfair, inaccurate, or unsubstantiated credit reporting... and then there's Suzy : MEET SUZY Did you know? A 700 and above credit score increases Honors graduate 3 years ago 720 . your chances of getting a loan by 98% S Steady job with great career potential Pays all of her bills and credit cards on-time Solid 720 credit score Suzy feels financially Follows trends and loves a great bargain confident Did you know? Wants to settle down in a few years Credit card companies gives those with good credit better deals and "rewards" SUZY'S ESCAPADES SALE | 608 Discount FREE NEW TOTAL Opens 6 department store credit cards BEST PRICE Suzy's credit score drops with every new credit card Forgets to pay two of her credit cards Forgets to forward address after a move Pays bills late and has collectors after her Buys a house with a high interest rate Did you know? Department store sales people earn a commission when someone opens up a credit card Has collectors looking for her : 3 YEARS LATER Did you know? The number of homeowners who have fallen underwater on their mortgages - climbed to 11.1 million in 2011 Creditors are calling and writing | 532 . Credit score taking a nosedive from all the late payments Can't get new credit Starts to default on her mortgage payments Financial track record destroyed Suzy feels financially insecure and stressed Can't afford to stay in style anymore easy things you can proactively do now to avoid being in Suzy's shoes later Pay your bills on time 3 BALANCE PAY -- ---- Don't apply for Keep low balances on your credit cards, don't max them out OPEN A GREDIT CARD AND OFT AN INSTANT unnecessary lines of credit Don't close unused credit cards Get copies of your credit report to ensure the information is up-to-date and accurate OPEN, OPEN, OPEN, SOURCESÜW3-jo Qcredit o SAZNS CREDIT SCORE

Negative Items and Suzy’s Credit Report

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Ever wonder how negative items get on your credit report? Many people are victimized by unfair, inaccurate, or unsubstantiated credit reporting… and then there’s Suzy.


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