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Moving Season 2014 in Numbers

Moving Season 2014 in Numbers Although the interstate moves exceed the local ones, it seems like more people moved locally in 2014, compared to the year 2012. In fact, there has been a growth of 5.2% Interstate vs. Local Local 36.5% Local 31.3% 2014 2012 Interstate 63.5% Interstate 68.7% E Household Size Household Size Household Size Distribution 2014 Distribution 2012 Partial move Studio 1-bedroom 2-bedroom 3-bedroom 4-bedroom Compared to 2012, more 4-bedroom dwellers relocated, whereas there has been a decline in the number of studio dwellers. Normally, 1 and 2-bedroom dwellers seem to be the most mobile ones. O Moving Days SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT BUSIEST DAY 2014 August And the winner is 2014 July June 31 30 2013 Friday has won the competition three times in a row. It is the most wanted moving day for Americans. Saturday seems to be losing its positions, and Tuesday and Sunday seem to be the least convenient days for moving. 2012 O Moving Months 2012 2014 2013 Summer has long been known as the most preferred season to relocate, but let's dig deeper. Two months have competed for the top prize in the last three years – June and August. In contrast, December, January and February are the least preferred months for relocation. Top 5 Busiest Routes 2014 1. CA – TX 1408 miles 2. FL - NY 1151 miles 3. CA – NY 2901 miles 4. CA – FL 2688 miles 5. CA – MA 3098 miles Whereas, most of the busiest routes in 2012 originated from New York, in 2014, most of the busiest routes originated from California. And, Californians who left their own state, preferred destinations in New York, Florida and Texas. 2012 1. NY – FL 1151 miles 2. MA – NY 198 miles o 3. NY – IL 928 miles 4. CA – TX 1408 miles 5. NY – CA 2901 miles Top 5 Least Busy Routes 2014 MO - TX 2012 LA – RI 1st AK – AL 2nd NC - GA TN – WV 3rd NY - AZ KS – WV 4th TN – CA LA – ND 5th TX – MD By comparing the data, we can see that there has been a whole new pattern in 2014. During the last year, the states least involved in relocation were Kansas, West Virginia, Louisiana and North Dakota. Top 10 States for Local Moves United. States 2014 2012 1. California 2. Texas 3. Florida 4 New York 5. New Jersey 6. Illinois 7. Massachusetts 8. Maryland 9. Pennsylvania 10. Virginia Although the top ten states where people moved the most have not changed over the last few years, there have been some minor 1. California 2 New York 3. Texas 4. Florida changes within the chart. California has held its leading position during the last years, whereas Texas has climbed up the chart, leaving New 5. Massachusetts 6. Ilinois 7. Maryland 8. Pennsylvania 9. Virginia 10. New Jersey York behind. Top 10 Inbound and Outbound States OUTBOUND STATES CO New York, Illinois and New Jersey are the states which more people have decided to leave rather than to move to. Actually, NY seems to be losing population over the last years. FL TX OR CA GA NC WA NY PA SC AZ INBOUND STATES Florida, Texas and North Carolina are the states that managed to gain more migrants. Less people have left those states. VAMA VID Top 5 Inbound and Outbound Cities OUTBOUND CITIES 1.New York City 21Washington DC 3.Chicago 4.Philadelphia S.Kansas City New York, DC and Chicago lost more gained in migration in 2014. population tha of INBOUND CITIES Seattle, Denver and Houston allured most of the Americans that moved in the last year. And, it should come as no surprise, as the three cities are known for their favorable job and housing markets. Prices $ 3388.58 $ 3285.55 CA-FL (FL-CA) $ 4213.86 CA-MA (MA-CA) CA-NY (NY-CA) CA-TX (TX-CA) FL-NY (NY- FL) $ 3416.08 $ 3238.82 Depending on the distance, the 2-bedroom dweller, who travelled one of the 5 busiest moving routes, spent $3200 - $4200 on their relocation, on average in 2014. The most expensive route was California to New York and vice versa, which is the longest one as well. Data is based on quotes and reviews submitted at MY MOVING REVIEWS Sources: http:/ http:/www.mymov Plan your perfect move! 1.Seattle 2.Denver 3.Houston JAN 6.03% 4.Austin FEB 5.67% 5.Dallas MAR 7.02% APR 7.3% MAY 10.43% JUN 13.53% JUL 12.75% AUG 12.93% %69'8 das OCT 6.88 %6S'S AON DEC 3.2% но CN

Moving Season 2014 in Numbers

shared by stwhitman on Mar 05
The new moving season is already knocking at our doors, so we are pleased to give you an insightful look of what the moving industry looked like in 2014. Enjoy!


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