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The Most Prominent World Currencies

S THE US DOLLAR € THE EURO ¥ THE JAPANESE YEN Most traded currency on the planet 2nd Most traded currency Most traded currency out of Asia Often acts as the intermediary in triangular currency transactions 2nd largest reserve currency A proxy for the underlying strength of Japan's manufacturing-export economy USD acts as the unofficial global reserve currency Official currency of the majority of nations within the eurozone Many use it to gauge the overall health of the Pan-Pacific region Widely accepted in other nations as informal alternative form of payment Introduced January 1st, 1999 Important factor to the Foreign Exchange Rate Market for other currencies and may act as benchmark or target rate for countries that peg their currencies to the USD's value The Yen's relationship with international currencies such as the dollar and the euro is a huge determinant of it's value Many nations within Europe and Africa peg their currencies to the euro Adds liquidity to any currency pair it trades within The Dollar is used as standard currency for most commodities. (oil, precious metals) Most Politicized currency active $1 US = $1 US 1 EURO = $1.482 US 1 YEN = $0.0126 US The Most Prominent Fld Currencies Ł THE GREAT BRITISH POUND FR THE SWISS FRANC 24 S THE CANADIAN DOLLAR AKA the Pound Sterling Viewed by many as a “neutral" currency AKA Loonie 4th most traded currency Contender for top currency because of low inflation rate Foremost Commodity currency Large reserve currency due to relative value compared to other global currencies Used at a reserve currency by several large countries due to it's reputation for stability Very volatile to movement in their underlying prices Value based on overall strength of British economy and political stability of its government Highly correlated to the strength of the U.S. economy and movement in the U.Š. dollar as well Unlike other major central banks, The Swiss National Bank is viewed as a governing body with public and private ownership Due to high value, it's a important currency benchmark for many nations With an inflationary benchmark of 2-3%, the BoC has tended to remain a shade more hawkish rather than accommodative when it comes to any deviations in prices 1 GBP = $2.068 US 1 SWISS FRANC= $0.9117 US 1 CAD = $1.0094 US ZZtwHm HEALY CONSULTANTS

The Most Prominent World Currencies

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You know how much the dollar is worth here but do you know how much it is worth to other countries? Find out how much your currency is worth in other countries as well what other countries hold the po...


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