The Most Expensive Cities

Does it cost less to take the bus? Yes, if you're in Asia Which city gives Money Today INSIGHT Economy you the most 4.9 3.8 3.7 money your Based on the cost of a single ticket on a bus, tram or metro for a joumey of 10 km or at least 10 stops working time THE MOST EXPENSIVE Efective hourly wages for 14 professions, net after deduc CITIES A recent UBS survey, Prices and Earnings 2009, compared purchasing power around the globe, to arrive at the most and least expensive cities. Excerpts from the survey 0.16 0.22 0.18 tion of taxes and social secu- ity contributions 119.8 STOCKHOLM SYDNEY COPENHAGEN DELHI MUMBAI MEXICO CITY 62 60 87 BILL BILL 13 112.5 108.4 108.4 Goods and serv- 2 Apartment rents worldwide go through the roof ices cost the ZURICH DELHI most in EU countries 3.100 TOKYO OSLO 107.5 DUBA 2,160 480 20 55 BILL 39.3 37.6 30.9 1o-LET 1o-Le 1o-Ler 8 Eating out is not cheap in most cities 370 220 130 Price of a three-course dinner (starter, main course, dessert) including service charges and tip, in a good restaurant MUMBAI LONDON OSLO ZURICH COPENHAGEN DELHI MUMBAI MANILA NEW YORK DUBAI MUMBAI LIMA GENEVA The effective cost of fiving in one city may vary markedly from the average values here, depending on an individuall's address, ifestyle and age. Average monthly gross rents in a middle-class residential area not too far from the city centre 2.373 2,312 98.7 12 13 14 12 9 Working hours versus vacation days 48,300 Number of work- ing hours needed to buy a Big Mac 39,200 158 CAIRO SEOUL 2.196 16 2,166 COPENHAGEN TOKYO NEW YORK NAIROBI 1,582 DUBLIN ROME 136 8.2 49 61 The price of a Big Mac diviedd by the net hourly wages in 14 profes sions; the bigger the Mac, the less the working time (in minutes) required to buy it 47,300 DELHI 7,400 MUMBAI LYON DELHI 28 DELHI JAKARTA MUMBA 153 571 633 178 WORKING HOURS Calculated based 1.594 OSLO MUMBAI VACATION DAYS MUMBAI on data for weekly hours worked; 18,800 73.4 weighted average of 13 professions MUMBAI 658 7,200 What it costs to 4 buy a car DELHI PARIS 10 DELHI NAIROBI NEW YORK Home electronics across the world 712 Purchase price (including sales tax) of a mid- range car with standard accessories Cost of a basket of electronics consisting of a refrigerator, 40" LCD TV, 8GB iPod Nano, vacuum cleaner, frying pan, hairdryer and PC 6,400 GENEVA 4,930 LONDON 4,620 Cost of a weighted basket of goods with 39 food items, with important staples included in larger quantties 2,240 5 Food prices in Switzerland 45% more expensive than the rest of Europe 2.640 2,390 ZURICH Prices in USS; some rankings based on UBS indices, which peg New Compiled by: RAKESH RAI York at 100. The sunvey was conducted across 73 cities in March Infographics: RAJ 2009. Goods and services based on Wiestem European preferences. Photograph: ANKUSH MARIA TOKYO CARACAS TOKYO GENEVA DELHI MUMBAI

The Most Expensive Cities

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This infographic gives a visual analysis of the most expensive cities in the world. It gives information for the cost of food, public transportion and goods in several cities globally.


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