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More Exports = More Jobs

MORE EXPORTS = MORE JOBS EXPORT GROWTH TO MEXICO HAS BEEN AN IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTOR TO THE U.S. JOBS RECOVERY. GROWTH IN U.S. JOBS DUE TO NEW EXPORTS, 2010-2012 CANADA GERMANY 219,879 NEW U.S.JOBS 3,261 NEW U.S. JOBS MEXICO 265,514 NEW U.S. JOBS JAPAN 48,174 NEW U.S. JOBS CHINA 94,348 NEW U.S. JOBS BRAZIL 42,613 NEW U.S. JOBS BRAZIL The growth in exports to Mexico far overshadowed growth In U.S. exports to all of the BRICS. RUSSIA INDIA $37 BILLION CHINA COMBINED SOUTH AFRICA A STAGGERING INCREASE JOINT PROSPERITY Since 2010, the increase in exports to Mexico has far outpaced the increase to other countries. Due to the high amount of U.S. materials in Mexican trade goods, the U.S. earns 37 cents for every dollar that Mexico earns from MEXICO $52 BILLION exports to other nations. $43 BILLION CANADA $1 CHINA $18.5 BILLION JAPAN $9.5 BILLION $8.4 BILLION $0.37 BRAZIL GERMANY $641 MILLION LEARN MORE AT USMEXICOBUSINESS.COM SOURCES: "Enhancing the U.S.-Mexico Economic Partnership: A Report of the US Mexico Leadership Initiative", "Jobs Supported by Exports: An Update" by Martin Johnson and Chris Rasmussen, Office of Trade and Industry Information, U.S Department of Commerce. U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

More Exports = More Jobs

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Export growth to Mexico has been an important contributor to the U.S. jobs recovery.




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