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Money on your pocket

4300 us$ 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 % Monthly average salary after tax 4200 Personal income tax rate -> 4100 Money in your pocket 4000 us$ 4000 Key Таxation - Europe 3900 20% 30% 40% North America, 3200 Central America us Switzerland 3800 and the Caribbean Difference in monthly salaries between Bern and Havana Bern has the highest average monthly salary at us$3,849 Country us$3,820 (HK$29,638) 3100 The dot shows the South America average monthly salary (uS$) in the capital city 3700 Rent is one of the biggest expenses for people worldwide, and how much you have left to spend every month after paying it depends on where you live. Here we take a look at the amount of disposable income left 3000 3600 Middle East and North Africa E 2900 The end of the line shows the average monthly cost of a one-bedroom flat in the city 3500 3500 2800 Asia Australia 3400 UAE 2700 Sub-Saharan Africa/ after tax and rent for a one-bedroom flat in 3300 rest of Africa The line is aligned vertically to the taxation rate Many European Union countries have high capital cities around the world, with a 2600 Norway Oceania 3200 comparison to Hong Kong Luxembourg taxes but more disposable income 3100 Qataro 3000 3000 2900 New Zealand Denmark 2800 In Qatar's capital, 2700 Japan Doha, a person Finland on an average salary, paying rent for an average one-bedroom flat, will have us$1,192 disposable income Singapore Iceland 2600 Canada Ireland UK Sweden The longer the line, the bigger the difference Monthly rent us$2,390 2500 After paying rent the average Singaporean has us$565 left over 2500 between take-home pay and France the cost of housing. This a good indicator of disposable income 2400 each month Netherlands 2300 The average Hongkonger would be us$215 in debt after paying rent Luanda and Washington South Korea • 2200 are the two most expensive Taiwan Belgium capital cities in which to rent a one-bedroom flat When the dot is at • Germany Monthly rent us$2,210 2100 Kuwait the bottom, the average wage does not cover the rent on Israel 2000 Austria In Amsterdam the 2000 disposable income on an average salary after paying the rent for a one-bedroom flat is us$1,382 a one-bedroom Hong Kong 1900 apartment 1800 Oman Macau o Bahrain 1700 Difference between rents in Luanda and Kathmandu us$2,292 In Angola's capital city, Luanda, the monthly rent for a flat can easily top us$10,000. High demand for luxury housing because of foreign investment in the oil industry makes the city all but unaffordable for local Angolans 1600 Italy Angola Spain 1500 Saudi Arabia 1500 Cyprus o The average Macanese has South Africa 1400 us$815 left from their pay packet after meeting 1300 China Zambia 1200 Bahamas the rent Slovenia Brunei 1100 Lebanon o 1000 Malaysiao Slovakia 1000 Russia Estonia Poland OPortugal 900 Irag o Argentina Croatia Chile 800 Panama Thailand Greece o Djibouti Costa Rica Colombia 700 Mauritius Brazil Namibia Jordan Hungary Uruguay OIndia Guatemala Sudan Latvia Turkey 600 Indonesia O Mexico Bulgaria o Montenegro Jamaica O Romania Maldives Libya Fiji Peru Iran 500 500 Ecuador Morocco • Bosnia and Herzegovina Bolivia Kazakhstan Chad e Mongolia Egypt Nicaragua vietnam 400 Honduras In Riyadh the average monthly rent of a one-bedroom flat is us$409 • Zimbabwe Afghanistan Yemen Cambodiao Georgia ol Belarus Bangladesh El Salvador Algeria Tunisia Paraguay 300 Albania Ghana Cameroonl Kenya ukraine Sri Lanka Kyrgyzstan Macedonial Serbia Azerbaijan Ethiopia 200 Monthly average rent of a one-bedroom Madagascar Philippines Of the capital cities shown, Lao P.D.R. Pakistan Caraças and Havana have the Senegal o Mali Syria apartment lowest monthly average salaries, below US$30 100 Nepal In Kathmandu the average Gambia monthly rent for a one-bedroom flat is us$98 Venezuela Cuba Extreme gaps Sydney (Australia) City Oslo Helsinki Tokyo (Jаpan) Auckland Copenhagen (Denmark) Taipei (Taiwan) Paris Rent comparison Difference between the average monthly rental of a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre of Hong Kong and other cities (HK$) Bern Stockholm (Switzerland) (Norway) (Finland) (New Zealand) (Sweden) (France) us$ Percentage 20% -50% -100% -150% -200% -250% -300% -350% -400% -430% Hong Kong POSITIVE Disposable income on an average salary after paying rent for a one-bedroom flat 2,288 2,136 2,090 1.942 1,855 1,833 1,809 1,798 1,755 1,750 NEGATIVE HK$ Additional income needed to afford the monthly rent of a one-bedroom flat 25.000 20,000 HK$17,000 15,000 877 777 696 670 572 293 253 251 218 215 10.000 3,269 Panama City Bujumbura (Burundi) City Accra Luanda Libreville Dakar Havana Victoria Caraças Hong Kong 5.000 (Ghana) (Angola) (Gabon) (Senegal) (Cuba) (Panama) (Seychelles) (Venezuela) Sources: Trading Economics, Numbeo, Nation Master, Statista SCMP Graphic: Marcelo Duhalde C. Меxico City Istanbul Manila Mumbai Jakarta Bangkok Lima Rio de Janeiro Berlin Madrid Seoul Moscow Shanghai Beijing o Rome Tokyo Paris Amsterdam Zurich Sydney Dubai Singapore 8 Luanda e New York o

Money on your pocket

shared by marcelod on Apr 22
Sweden has a 57% income tax rate, but the average salary in Stockholm goes a long way, even after paying the rent. But try paying the average rent in Hong Kong, on an average salary, and you’ll find...





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