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Money Supply as Percent of GDP by Country

WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY AT? TRACKING MONEY SUPPLY AND MONEY SUPPLY GROWTH, BY COUNTRY Money supply as percent of GDP, by country Hong Kong SAR, China 298.9 % KEY Equatorial Guinea 6.2 % 0- 30% • 30.1- 60% Lowest money supply by percent of GDP 6. Gabon 60.1- 90% • 10.1 - 120% 1. Equatorial Guinea 6.2 16.8 2. Chad 11.8 7. Sudan 17.6 120.1 - 150% 3. Dem. Rep. of Congo 4. Central African Republic 14.4 12.6 8. Republic of Congo 17.6 9. Tajkistan 150+% 17.8 5. Niger 15.7 10. Angola 17.8 Also known as quasi money or M2, a countrys broadest measure of money supply is comprised of the sum of currency outside banks, demand deposits other than those of the central government, and the fime, savings, and foreign currency deposits of resident sectors other than the central government. Measured as the percent of a country's GDP, M2 is a good indicator for a countries money supply. Highest money supply by percent of GDP 1. Hong Kong SAR 2. Lebanon 298.9 6. China 139.9 7.S1. Kitts & Nevis 8. Canada 9. Jordan 214.9 138.0 3. Japan 207.2 118.0 4. Barbados 5. Switzerland 144.3 115.4 140.7 10. Singapore 115.3 What is a country's M2 money supply comprised of? A country's M2 money supply includes What does M2 mean economically? Notes and coins (currency) in circulation (outside Federal Reserve Banks, and the vaults of depository institutions) The money supply is important to economists trying to understand how policies will affect interest rates and growth, as well as influences on inflation and gross domestic product. 2 Traveler's checks of non-bank issuers 3 Demand deposits Other checkable deposits, which consist primarily of negotiable order of withdrawal accounts af depository insfitutions and credit union share draft accounts 5 Savings deposits Time deposits less than $100,000 and money-market deposit accounts for individuals Money supply measurement used around the world Monetary Base or Total Currency Al physical banknotes and coins held by both the public and by the banks as cash reserves (abo known as "Vault Cash). MB M1 Money Defined as MO Demand Deposits (abo known as "Sight Deposits" or "Checking Accounts"). MO | Currenccy in Circulation The narowest definition of money, limited to banknotes and coins in pubic circulation M2 Money and Close Substitutes Defined as MI + Small Savings and Time Deposits jako known as Term Deposits"). MZM I Money Zero Maturity M3 | Broad Money A recent monetary aggregate meant to measure al iquid forms of money within an economy MIM represents all money in M2 less Time Deposit, plus all Money Market Funds Defined as M2 Large Time Deposits, Institutional Money Market Funds. Short-Term Repurchase Agreement, along with other large iquid assets. (Note: Different countries measure money supply slightly differently, although M2 is generally a common measurement used around the world) Sources:

Money Supply as Percent of GDP by Country

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How does your country compare to other countries in terms of money? The amount of quasi money in each country when measured as a percentage of a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is pretty tell...


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